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iBasso D-Zero and Neutron Music Player (i've tried it with multiple).  USB Audio worked fine on stock and Samsung based roms, but I'd really like to have this awesome rom as well as USB audio.
  I installed the rom, but this doesn't seem to be working. After I plug in the DAC (while the audio is playing) it pauses, but after I unpause it, no sound comes through my headphones. And then when I unplug the DAC, my phone freezes and I have to hard reboot. 
Yep, there is, but it's version 3.1something and doesn't have USB audio, I just checked. Super sexy ROM though. I've had to miss out on AOSP / CM goodies and be stuck with a Samsung based ROM, because that's the only one that supports USB audio :( Hopefully he'll port the 3.55 version to the AT&T variant soon!      Thanks! :D 
Do you have the international version of the S3?  Can you link me to the rom? Is it this one? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1745003 Will this rom still work on the at&t s3?  Thanks
It did help, very much.  Thank you! 
How does the sound signature of these cans compare to the Momentums? 
Why is that? Does it have a more natural, neutral sound signature? 
  Okay, thanks for the help!    I'm also looking for a more clean, lighter, more neutral, natural sounding can, along the lines of what I've heard the Senn 598s sound like (warm, airy, smooth) to listen to softer, acoustic stuff. I'm looking for something with rich, full mids for amazing vocals, and slightly colored enough so that rock and metal don't sound too boring. I can't get the 598s, because they're open back, and I'm aware that the fact that the open back is what...
Eh, I just found out they were open back.  I get the feeling that this was something I should have known. I'm new to this, lol.    And I am planning to use them on the go, which effectively rules out this can. So how about the next best on my list? :P      Which headphone would you recommend that has nice bass (a 'basshead' phone, but with good high-quality bass, not just an assload of it) like I've heard the dt770 has, but that doesn't have as recessed mids?    Nothing...
Quick question: are the dt770s very neutral? What kind of sound signature do they have? 
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