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Yes, very much so. They have full, rich mids and deep, punchy bass, although treble is rolled off. Overall a very smooth sounding and really great headphone. Comfort is average, I can wear mine for 2 hours max before they start to get a little uncomfortable.
V-Moda M80s look great, sound great, and are built like a rock, so if they get dropped (as teenagers tend to drop a lot of things ;), they'll be fine. I think the official test is something like 50 drops from 6 feet onto concrete? Hopefully that'll never have to be verified, but who knows. They're the only 'style' headphone that I've come across that have good sound - and by god, do they have amazing sound. I don't think the kids will be disappointed.  Other options...
Hi guys,   I only have a portable rig right now, and that's probably not going to change anytime soon. I currently amp my headphones through an iBasso D-Zero. It works well, but I'd like to upgrade to better sound. I've never had a "proper" high-end amp before, so I'd like to see what I'm missing out on. The caveat is that it still has to be portable, because the bulk of my listening is done on the go.  I've heard a lot about how warm and nice sounding tube amps...
Hi guys,   So I've narrowed down my next set of cans to either the Denon D2000 or the Hifiman HE-400. Heard great things about both, but I'm honestly stuck. They both have their own great traits, and I just can't decide. I'll be amping them out of an iBasso D-Zero. Can some owners or people with experience with these cans chime in and persuade me, or offer some advice and info on the sound signatures, what each one does best, etc?    Thanks! 
Hmmm, good to know. That narrows it down then, haha.  Thanks! 
I'll be driving them with a iBasso D-zero.
Well I've narrowed it down to either the Denon D2000s or the Sennheiser 600s. Would the sound of the Senns be described as laid-back and neutral? I would like a slightly clearer sounding headphone for acoustic, but definitely not a boring one. How does the hd600 compare to the hd598? What does each do better than the other? How do the mids and vocals compare?
Hi guys,    So I'm treating myself for my birthday with a new pair of headphones. I listen to rock, alternative, and acoustic. I have rock and alternative pretty well covered with my V-Moda M80s and Grado 225i, so I'm looking for something that does acoustic very well, but preferably not at the expense of rock. Full, rich, beautiful mids are a huge plus, although I don't want to pin down my search to those alone.   Here's what I'm looking at:  Sennheiser...
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