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Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I haven't been able to find a straight answer anywhere. Does the odac+o2 DAC/amp combo run off batteries, which means I can take it with me on the go and use it with my phone, or does it require an AC power source? Also, how big is it? Will I be able to carry it around with me without too much in convenience? Thanks!
What kind of sound signature are you looking for? More neutral and clean, or more 'fun'? What aspects of the sound (bass, mids, treble) do you enjoy?    Audio Technica ATH M50s are a very respected entry-level headphone that still holds its own with other higher priced models. They have strong bass, but not overpowering by any means.  V-Moda M-80s also sound great, and IMO are sexy as hell. They're only semi-closed though, so they may not be able to block out sound...
DanBa, could you update the original post with this list, so everytime people want to look at it they don't have to go digging through the thread?    Thanks! 
Haha, I'm excited!    Indeed. Eager to hear what all the praise is about. 
You guys have convinced me - I just ordered my pair :D 
I've heard varied accounts of the HE-400's sound signature - some say they're more neutral, others say they're more colored, although it seems to be generally agreed that they're warm and dark. Another facet I can't seem to find a reliable account of are the mids. Some people think they're good, others say they're thin. Could you guys chime in with what you think? I'd like to get a definitive answer on these, as they're a pretty big part of my decision. Also, how do...
Yes, very much so. They have full, rich mids and deep, punchy bass, although treble is rolled off. Overall a very smooth sounding and really great headphone. Comfort is average, I can wear mine for 2 hours max before they start to get a little uncomfortable.
V-Moda M80s look great, sound great, and are built like a rock, so if they get dropped (as teenagers tend to drop a lot of things ;), they'll be fine. I think the official test is something like 50 drops from 6 feet onto concrete? Hopefully that'll never have to be verified, but who knows. They're the only 'style' headphone that I've come across that have good sound - and by god, do they have amazing sound. I don't think the kids will be disappointed.  Other options...
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