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How does the Vali's purported warm tube sound pair with the already warm, dark HE-400s? 
Awesome, thanks!    But what if I want to play records without headphones? Will these be able to do that as well? 
I'm not sure :P It has the two red and white RCA inputs - is that it? Under $300 sounds like a good benchmark. And by high value, I meant bang for the buck, not the most valuable :P  Thanks for the help! 
Hi guys,    Up till now, I've only been concerned with digital audio - headphones, amps, DACs, etc. But recently I've been getting into digital rips of vinyls, such as Dr. Robert's Beatles rips, and the sound difference is substantial. The vinyl sounds much warmer and full. I had always wanted to try analog, but the fear of not having anywhere except online to buy vinyls put me off, until I discovered that Urban Outfitters, of all places, boasts a respectable vinyl...
Considering that you used (and presumably enjoyed - or at least tolerated) Turtle Beach headphones and that much EQ on the bass, Sennheiser are most definitely not the brand for you. None of the models you listed, or to my knowledge any of their models, have anywhere close to the same amount of bass as your previous rig. Check out Sony XBxxx line and Ultrasone. 
Q701 and 770s aren't really "wow". I'd go for the Mad Dogs - tight, punchy bass and a great midrange. 
Since you're concerned with looks, I'm assuming you'll be using these on the go, or at least where other people can see and therefore hear you. If this is the case, then Grados are most definitely not what you are looking for - they are open air, which means that you will hear everything around you, as well as bleed sound across the room, which is usually not appreciated. 
If you're looking for Boxing Day deals, you aren't going to find any at American stores. Boxing Day's not a thing over here, haha. 
This is a discontinued, mint condition, like new Denon D2000. There are no blemishes or imperfections whatsoever, cosmetic or otherwise, other than some very minor scuffs. They sound great, but I've come into some need of extra money lately and have to sell these off.    $355 including shipping. Paypal only.    Thanks! 
Other than the size concern, do they leak any sound? 
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