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So just to clear up a logistical question:    If I were to buy a record turntable and phono stage (or the Audio Techinca LP120 which has both built in), then I could connect it to any digital output, like headphones or speakers? Would the headphone / speaker jack (1/8 inch) connect directly into the input, or is there something else I need to buy to get everything to link together? 
I would also like to know the answer to this question. 
Does anyone know where to get another one of the portable Samsung cables that came with the amp? I tried emailing iBasso, but no response. 
Hey guys,    The cable that came with my iBasso D42 portable amp which connects it to my Samsung Galaxy S3 just broke, and I can't find a replacement. I tried emailing iBasso, but not response. I've attached pictures of both ends of the cable. Samsung S3 end    iBasso amp end     Does anyone know where I can purchase one of these?    Thanks! 
Hey guys,    What recordings should I get for the "best" (relative) interpretations of the Beethoven Piano Sonatas and Chopin Nocturnes?    Thanks! 
Hey guys,    I've very recently started to get into jazz for the first time, and this thread has been invaluable in helping me explore this exciting music. I'm looking for some more recommendations - here's a list of my favorites so far:  Tomasz Stanko Charles Mingus  Wayne Shorter Bill Evans Trio Marcus Miller  John Coltrane   Thanks! 
How does the Vali's purported warm tube sound pair with the already warm, dark HE-400s? 
Awesome, thanks!    But what if I want to play records without headphones? Will these be able to do that as well? 
I'm not sure :P It has the two red and white RCA inputs - is that it? Under $300 sounds like a good benchmark. And by high value, I meant bang for the buck, not the most valuable :P  Thanks for the help! 
Hi guys,    Up till now, I've only been concerned with digital audio - headphones, amps, DACs, etc. But recently I've been getting into digital rips of vinyls, such as Dr. Robert's Beatles rips, and the sound difference is substantial. The vinyl sounds much warmer and full. I had always wanted to try analog, but the fear of not having anywhere except online to buy vinyls put me off, until I discovered that Urban Outfitters, of all places, boasts a respectable vinyl...
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