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I was recommended the Bellari so I waited to find one on eBay and saved 50% of new. I was told it performed as well as preamps in the $700 range.
My rig for playing used records. Sounds very good to me and cost less than $300. Pioneer turntable pl115d, fisher cc9000 pre amp, Bellari tube phono pre amp, PSB alpha mini speakers, Sony RCD-w1 cdp and recorder, topping tp-21 amplifier. I may try to record some records but haven't yet. Anyway, it's all secondhand gear, thrift store, eBay and swap meet. Psb speakers sitting on top of AR 4 speakers if anyone cares:)
Using this setup for my collection of used records which is not bad sounding for all 2nd hand gear. Pioneer pl115d with a sure m44-7.
A nice match
Got some yh-1 for just under $100 on eBay about a month ago. They are almost perfect condition and no broken plastic on the headband. I couldn't pass them by as they aren't the same ones that have been recirculated on there for a long time with broken up headbands. After selling my yh100 for $300 and feeling indifferent about it I wanted to try these. They seem to be driven well even with a ipod and much more comfortable than the 100. I did quickly replace the 100s with...
Would love to hear Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star, Pink Mountaintops or the Entrance Band on the HE1000. But my HE-5LE can handle the job too
The new Swervedriver album "I wasn't born to lose you" just came out and I hear it's verygood. Im still trying to get ahold of a copy. Edit: copy was purchased and listened to 10x or so. Very good musically.
Soundesign with BSR turntable. Purchased for 8 bucks at a good will. the turntable was seazed, but I fixed it. The needle is fine and I use it to play old records I wouldn't play on my nicer equipment. Also 8 track player with cassette adaptor. Sound fills the room but is very mellow and more of a conversation piece. The speakers are 4 watts each lol
PSB Alpha Mini speakers sound great for the size and NHT speaker as a center channel hooked up to a Sony surround amp for TV and ipod listening. It's plenty loud but not a lot of bass. Rectilinear mini III speakers (3ohm)hooked up to Topping amp tp21 with yamaha c-6 pre amp and project turntable. The yamaha pre amp really boosts the volume of the topping and the phono input is great, plus it is from around 1980 and the hp jack easily powers my Hifiman HE5le. It's a mixed...
In the photo of the guy with all the records, they appear to be laying flat. I saw this article on Facebook somewhere before and was curious, as I've heard before, that it may be bad for them to lay flat. I like thrift store shopping and usually won't buy records that are flat and stacked really high. Anyway, IMO quality is better than quantity when it comes to music.
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