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In the photo of the guy with all the records, they appear to be laying flat. I saw this article on Facebook somewhere before and was curious, as I've heard before, that it may be bad for them to lay flat. I like thrift store shopping and usually won't buy records that are flat and stacked really high. Anyway, IMO quality is better than quantity when it comes to music.
The Three O'clock The Plimsouls Adebisi Shank Mike Watt Tommy Guerrero
Update: the c-6 performs excellent with the hifiman he-5le. I can't imagine turning it up louder than 2/3 volume with them.
Got the new Pixies and Black Angles. Also got used Sunny Day in Glasgow, the Antlers and Siouxie and the Banchies. Forgive the spelling:)
I have he5le and really like them. Have not heard the others you mention. Have the sennheiser hd600 and they're very bland after having the 5le. Had the yamaha yh100, sound is great but they're less than comfortable. Glad I got my 5le. Only paid $420 US with shipping for them. They looked unused but were supposed display model for a large US distributer.
Today I found a Yamaha c-6 preamp at a thrift store for 25. Thought about it for quite awhile because I wasn't finding much info on the internet except for 2 of them on eBay for $200 and $350. So I bought it with the plan of using its phono preamp mostly. Well got it home and set up, WOW! The headphone out is very good. Powers my hd600 at half volume at ear blasting levels. It has so many ways to eq it and sounds very good for used gear. Lucky me , I know. My curiosity is...
Project essential II in stock configuration. Not a bad table for 300. Have a bellari tube phono preamp with the headphone out coming in the mail. Then today found a Yamaha c-6 (pictured)at a thrift store for $25-. I got it hooked up and dialed in. It has two very nice sounding phono inputs and the headphone out is loud enough to play my HD-600s very loud at half volume, and could possible blow them at full. It's surprisingly clean sounding for used thrift gear. It's...
Might try orange oil
Gotta have a good closed hp, why not a yamaha?
Been on a heavy psychedelic kick lately and watching a video of Anton Newcombe who recommended The KBV, The Dead Skelatons, Les Big Bird. Then discovered The Janators and Sunn.
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