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Three hole punch at work. I mean, it has multipurposes.
I regret selling my tapes because I had some rare stuff. I think some people use tapes still, which there's nothing wrong with tapes except convenience. Sound great IMO too. Analogue vs digital I don't like to debate, I'll let the next generation do that. I do have a tripple head sansui in storage too. But no tapes.
Totally agree. Spend the same amount on 2 speakers as you would spend on 3 or more and you have less variables, less to go wrong and less settings. 5.1 is the reason my parents have to turn up the tv during talking scenes and down during action on movies.
This kinda sounds like the younger brother, cd, being gealous of the older brother, vinyl, because the parents gave him more attention. And then spends his whole life blaming lack of attention for his mediocre life.Or maybe it's like how two people have a child and one of the parents passes on a genetic defect, but they put all their eggs in onE basket and the child, vinyl, exceeds expectation. But it was a rare occurance as you say.I feel it is before the cd is even made,...
Doug, you say nobody argues that lower quality downloads/rips would have more distortion, but many people do. Many people claim 320 kbbs is not distinguishable from cd and etc. your little writing here is nice, but I've seen evidence that shows a very minimal wear on records played on the same well maintained TT it's whole life.
"Many people do prefer listening to music on vinyl rather than on CD or digital formats. Many of those reasons have nothing to do with actual sound quality, and have more to do with the tactile characteristics of vinyl - its "feel" - like larger artwork and its required playback ritual. Others prefer listening to CDs for a different set of reasons. There is nothing wrong with preferring vinyl to CDs, as long as the preference is honestly stated on emotional terms, or is...
Ab initio'z links about 6 posts ago. I don't want to repeat that link. Stop acting like you don't know what I'm talking about and read the posts, follow the link and read it.
When your proof starts talking about tactile reasons like handling the equipment I turn off . I don't enjoy playing the record more than hearing. That is getting old to say nostalgia or tactile. If your proof can't keep about music specifically then I won't read it.
If I rip one in digital do I still smell it? Haha, I know what big shot, or BS as I'll call him, is saying. IMO a digital rip is not as good as original but sounds good. At higher volumes those distortions will show up. But if you want to show your study it's better than not. Maybe I'll disagree but I'd be using my ears only.
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