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Yeah people are basically being cockbags about this post because you've broken a few cardinal rules here. One, you mentioned Bose in a non-hateful manner. And two, you are searching for bluetooth headphones for something other than ritual sacrifice by fire; and that- by default- makes you a headfi'er's equivalent of an ******. Let me go ahead and commit some Head-fi suicide and review my experience with the Bose AE2w. I went, yesterday, to a local Bose store and gave...
      I've always regarded these as a bit of snake oil- complete bs. Could you point me to some objective research that proves these are actually useful?
Update: they keeping getting more awesomer!
No doubt, I can't describe how excited I was to open that box when I got these. Man, they are GREEN!
Don't believe in burn in? try buying a pair of bose in ears. I did to give as a gift to the girlfrind to go running in. The burn in was down right hilarious. I wasnt a huge believer until those, either. After about two hours of listening (and being extremely disappointed in the sound,) I quit. I came back an hour or so after, and put them again. The right ear sounded better than the left. I was shocked. the image was so lop-sided it was unlistenable. I left 'em running...
Proud owner of ATH-M50s. To answer original poster... a little late. I hope you haven't already bought the beats.    1: The 'phones are terrible around the neck when not being listened to. They don't extend out far enough for that. Yes, the padding is great all over. but unless you are a true pencil neck, they do their best to annoy the crap out of you until you take them off. But they lay flat and can collapse nicely.   2: The cord is a hassle. Its fantastic for...
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