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Looks like the clear gel pads are discontinued, but the black ones should still be out there. Try part # 900799. This is the first site on Google selling them: http://www.aviationworld.co/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=240.
@John, Brannan - is the Noble PR out of production? I was hoping to either pick up a PR or a custom Noble 5 with the P switch configuration, but those appear to be unavailable.
The HE-560 is on it's way over to talmlikeabalm.    I enjoyed my time with them, but I'll be keeping the HE-6 as my planar of choice. The old flagship still has a small edge in air, imaging, and driver speed.   The HE-560 is more comfortable (on par with the DT 880 or HD 600 and just short of the HD 800 or TH900. However, fitting the HE-6 with the new hybrid pads and a headband cushion can get you halfway there comfortwise. It's also got thicker mids and a more...
I just received the HE-560 today. Another big thanks to Justin for setting up this demo program.   The new style headband has eliminated the pressure points just above the temples that used to bother me with the HE-6. However, I much prefer the high gloss black cups on the HE-6 (the wood veneers on the HE-560 are a little cheap looking in comparison). Then again, you can't really see the headphones on top of your head, so...   Time to plug in and start listening for...
 For a darker sounding dac, I've heard and liked the Neko D100 and the Audio-GD SA-1, with the Neko being somewhat warmer sounding in my opinion. Both are great single ended options and should work well with the SRM-T1 (the Neko dac has a balanced variant as well). The sound signature of your dac is one of those personal love-it or hate-it things. Given a minimum level of technical proficiency, most dacs can be said to have some merit.
Mine has the serial number (NK10----) in blue on the inside of the left earpiece and in red on the right. It's a bit hard to read against the gold flakes and amber, but it's almost impossible to confuse left/right on a CIEM anyway.   I think different colored ear canals are also an option if you really want it to be obvious.
 The LCD-X is on it's way to you and should arrive on Wednesday. If the HD 700 is good, the LCD-X is audibly better. Start saving those funds. I had the HD 700 earlier and didn't find any problems with the channel balance. However, I was not a fan of the cable - the 1/8" screw in connectors are a noticeable downgrade from the custom aluminum connectors on the HD 800. 
The LCD-X arrived today and I've been listening to it for a few hours as of this moment. Gear-wise, I'm using the LCD-X with a balanced Norse Audio Reign cable on my Audio GD Reference 8/Master 8 stack.   As I've mentioned earlier with the LCD-2, the stock yoke rods are a bit tight on my head, but the softer pads and headband negate that somewhat. Comfort would be much improved with the extended yoke rods currently installed on my LCD-3. At $1700, Audeze should just ship...
 No problem John. I'd be happy to own any of your custom wood designs.
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