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Selling my limited edition Grado HF2, serial #424. Comes with travel case, 1/4 to 1/8 adapter, and original packaging.   $400 includes shipping and Paypal in the United States.
Second owner of this minty SR-507. Listened to it and liked it enough to run out and buy a SR-007, SR-009, and KGSS, so it's been sitting in storage for most of the time I've owned it. Comes with all original packaging and materials.   Price includes shipping and Paypal anywhere in the United States.
Second owner of this great amplifier. You will also get the stock switching power supply as well.    The Volcano power supply can be set to 115V or 240V for worldwide usage.   Ships double boxed with the original packaging. Price includes shipping and Paypal fees anywhere in the United States.
This is a revision B SRM-1/MK2 amp with switchable worldwide voltage (100V, 117V and 240V). It has both pro and normal bias outputs and can drive anything Stax has ever made to ear splitting levels of volume..    I am the second owner of this amp. I purchased it back in 2011 and had it recapped prior to shipping, so it should last for many more decades   Prices include Paypal fees and shipping anywhere in the United States, but I can ship worldwide at buyer's expense.
 Does that mean there's no 4000 song DB size limit? That would be some nice engineering work on Fiio's part given the SoC limitations.
I have a iBasso DX90 with a black Dignis leather case for sale or trade. Player has been kept in the case with a screen protector and only used in the office for most of its lifetime.   Selling as I am moving to a larger office with enough desk space for a desktop dac/amp setup.   Open to trades for a Sony A17 or similar compact music player in the same price range.    Pics added.   Thanks, Steve
Looks like the clear gel pads are discontinued, but the black ones should still be out there. Try part # 900799. This is the first site on Google selling them:
@John, Brannan - is the Noble PR out of production? I was hoping to either pick up a PR or a custom Noble 5 with the P switch configuration, but those appear to be unavailable.
The HE-560 is on it's way over to talmlikeabalm.    I enjoyed my time with them, but I'll be keeping the HE-6 as my planar of choice. The old flagship still has a small edge in air, imaging, and driver speed.   The HE-560 is more comfortable (on par with the DT 880 or HD 600 and just short of the HD 800 or TH900. However, fitting the HE-6 with the new hybrid pads and a headband cushion can get you halfway there comfortwise. It's also got thicker mids and a more...
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