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sorry about that. i meant to type people will be using the headphone out most of the time along with the DAC section on the same PCB layout. but the original post i quoted also asked if it was to be used as a DAC mainly where as the headphone amp took second priority. i should have worded it more carefully to avoid misunderstandings like this.
mine hasn't been shipped out yet. i'm expecting it to ship monday in south korea. if anything... tuesday by the latest. if not, i'll be messaging audinst.
     no. you'd have to end up trying hard. like turning the volume amp knob 100%, and your OS sound at 100% along your player at 100% too. even then it might not kill it but a very good chance you could damage your low impedance headphone drivers if you tried the following.      people will be using this as an amp mostly. if people wanted to use this product as a DAC most of the time, then they should have opted for a dedicated DAC like the ODAC around this price range. i...
how is the soundstage on this amp? not just music, but in games too if any buyers can attest to it.
oh, man. must... resist... curiosity...!
what is the output impedence on this amp? and i'm curious how it'll pair up with the ODAC.
anyone try the LT1028 ACN8 on the i/v op amps? i'm curious to give it a go. there are the ones i have. there shouldn't be any problems if i put them in, right?
     i have both of the headphones, and i can tell you i only bring out the hd650 when i've had a very stressful day for some classical and laidback music. the ad900x in comparision keeps you engaged in the music. to put it short - they are not ANYTHING alike when it comes to their sound signatures. though i admit the HD650 excels in the classical music genre compared to the AD900X.   what i use to power the HD650 is ODAC + Asgard 1 if you wanted to know the gear driving...
that's a damn shame your optical input died. i use the optical input for the PS3 only, and i hardly use the game console at all unless there is a new JRPG i like. how many hours did you use the FP-02 via optical input?
well i put away the ad797. i didn't like it afterall. some frequencies were harsh and not smooth as i'd like it to be. LT1028 I ordered last week came in today and so far... i like! i can see why dsnuts was mighty impressed with them stuck in the FP-02. and the bass came back! i was using the stock op amp and missed the feeling of the bass a bit.. now i don't. again this was using the AD900X. i'm pretty much done on my journey for now unless there is another dac/amp that...
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