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 both of those links don't mention a TS black glass 6sn7gt square plate. the second one doesn't even review a black glass at all. the reference thread only mentions a round and oval plate. more specifically on how the round plate sounds. i've looked through it before.
the tung sol 6sn7gt black glass SQUARE PLATE is NOT the same as the mouse ears physically. they're different. i searched the 6sn7 thread before and only saw mentions of TS producing a BG square plate but nothing on how it sounded like compared to the round and oval. unless you were quoting neogeo333 for the TS mouse ears. you stacked our quotes on top of each other making it seem like you were replying to both of us with those answers.
anyone happen to know how a tung sol 6sn7gt black glass square plate sounds? i've read some info there and here about the round vs oval, but nothing on how the square plate sounds.
5998 came in from vacuumtubes yesterday. the test result sticker on the box show as   gm - 13.25 / 13.55             85% plate current - 71.1 / 66.4      70% brand - Tung Sol construction - Black Plate   i'm guessing those are indeed NOS levels like their site says? i don't know much about testing tubes or reading tube test results. i'm a happy guy with the 5998 aside from being a little bit concerned about the test sticker result
well the bidding for that haltron 6as7g just expired a few mins ago as i type this. i had my eyes set on it too, but i'm unwilling to spend more than $140 + shipping on it.
bottlehead crack tube amp is a very very popular choice for the HD650. it should be anyones first choice if they really want to enjoy their HD650 for the price the amp is sold at.
media player classic
do you own any amplifers specifically for those headphones or plan to buy one if necessary for your next headphone? this will help others who read your thread to give you more helpful advice.
i've read about dunu earphones there and here, but never tried them myself. hope i win one to try it out!
i saw vacuumtubes sells those chatham 6AS7G for $20. you think they're the one and the same? i might have to shoot them an e-mail. otherwise i totally love the chatham 6AS7G over the stock tube and RCA. i do want to try a 5998 though.
New Posts  All Forums: