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     thanks for linking that. it's a good educational read and a short glimpse of history about the tubes.
i'm not sure if you'll be fine with the HD650 or HD600 without a good amp (unless you haven't updated your profile). in my experience they shine and scale really well depending on the amp used. the AD900X is also a good alternative to look at since it doesn't require much power but will benefit from a good amp. then again it has a very completely different sound signature compared to the other headphones you mentioned.   i know because i heard my friends HE400 and...
thanks. what would you say is a good price on ebay to get the amperex orange or philips pcc189 for? the philips pcc189 seems to have sellers from italy... and they don't have the top rated plus icon (paranoid about buying from ebay without that). right now i see 4 pairs of the 1970 amperex orange for $105.50. that seem to be a good price?
so it seems like the MULLARD ECC88 / 6DJ8 A-frame tubes get lots of love for this tube usb dac. is that correct? i'm thinking of getting them. right now there's a pair for $73 and wanted to ask if it was a good price for a pair of them. getting my aune t1 from massdrop so i have plenty of time to decide from upgrading the 6922 tube it'll come with.
i just noticed there is a slight channel imbalance on the right channel. i have to turn up the volume knob on the amp until i hear the right channel seems to even out with the left. anyone else have this problem? it's a bit annoying since i prefer to have windows and the source at 100% volume while controlling the volume with the amp knob.
     fanless means fanless. there is no fan inside the power supply. otherwise what you're saying is newegg and other online retailers are doing false      advertisements when they put zero fans in the specifications for fanless power supplies.   also a thumbs up for seasonic from me.
april fools!
you're doing it right. AD900X > HD650 when it comes to female vocals.
mine came in 2 hours ago as of this post. the amp makes the vocals on the AD900X stand out a little bit more than usual from what i'm used to hearing. it's a positive change for me. so far i like this dac/amp. will let it run more over the weekend before i get a good listening in.
it means your package is in customs, and they're filling out the form for the customs bill. whether you want to go pick it up yourself or wait is up to you. if you were in the U.S., it would get held up in customs 3-4 days, and then the local mail courier would drop it off.
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