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anyone have an idea which family this chatham 6AS7G tube belongs to?
just recently bought a brown base tung-sol jan 6SN7WGT in excellect / strong condition. seems the WGT version is rare to come by on ebay as dictated by this post. there are some WGTA there and here. anyone have knowledge of the sound differences between them?
is this from your own experience? i see you own an hd650 and the la figaro 336c which is almost the same as the DV 336SE. i'm guessing it's because the HD650 is a laid back headphone and a pair of RCA tubes on this OTL amp will give the aggressiveness it needs?
i'm looking into a 6SN7 tube to match with a JAN 6AS7 G Tube RCA NOS 1967 6AS7G (red text) i bought earlier. i'm going to pair it with the hd650. these are the choices i came across after reading this thread and the previous back and forth. can someone give a second input?   JAN CHS Sylvania 6Sn7 WGTA JAN CHS Sylvania 6SN7 WGT Sylvania 6SN7GTB Tube-TALL Bottle-Chrome Top-Matched Plates (green text) NOS RCA USA 6SN7GT Flat Black Plate Vacuum Tube NOS NIB RCA...
yeah i saw a few posts about that amp while searching through head-fi. not sure if it's worth the extra $63 to $70 though when i add in getting tubes.
so is the DV 336SE OTL tube amp still a worthy option in this day and age compared to what else is out there? i can get it for $246.16 from a group buy. i plan to use it with my HD650. this will be my first real OTL tube amp aside from the Aune T1.
whats the difference between the amperex orange PQ and amperex white PQ? i was looking through the ebay listings and it intrigued me why there would be two different colors of them.
     thanks for linking that. it's a good educational read and a short glimpse of history about the tubes.
i'm not sure if you'll be fine with the HD650 or HD600 without a good amp (unless you haven't updated your profile). in my experience they shine and scale really well depending on the amp used. the AD900X is also a good alternative to look at since it doesn't require much power but will benefit from a good amp. then again it has a very completely different sound signature compared to the other headphones you mentioned.   i know because i heard my friends HE400 and...
thanks. what would you say is a good price on ebay to get the amperex orange or philips pcc189 for? the philips pcc189 seems to have sellers from italy... and they don't have the top rated plus icon (paranoid about buying from ebay without that). right now i see 4 pairs of the 1970 amperex orange for $105.50. that seem to be a good price?
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