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i interpret that as a "no, it doesn't matter what voltage is on the capacitor you use for the fitz mod". am i right? (lol). the caps i ordered arrives on thursday but won't get installed until saturday night.
 i might end up asking an acquaintance of my dad about that. he's a longtime electrician and used to run a radio tube shop before solid state immediately took over. also does the voltage on the capacitors truly not matter for the fitz mod? i'm just double-checking since i only read one post about it and that was on page 1 of this thread.
welp just ordered two 220uf caps   will report back how it does for me. i've got a noisy hum on my rca vt-231 grey glass and sylvania vt-231
 Characteristic parameters:Driven Resistance Range:          32 ~ 600Frequency Response:           10Hz ~ 30kHz (-1db)Signal and Noise Ratio:              > 100dbOutput Power:                       > 2WAlternating Current Power:          220V/50Hz ???????
proaudiostar on ebay has the beyerdynamic T90 open box UNUSED for $409 FS. they're an authorized dealer when i looked them up on the site.   this is the message i received back when i asked about what they mean by open box UNUSED.   "Thank you for contacting We have both (NEW) and NEW other (Store display...
so how exactly does the HD650 sound like using this speaker amp? is it as dynamic and fast just like when using tube amps? more alive? or something similar along those lines?
What was the condition of the tube test results before using it in your amp? I might be interested.
a certain somewhere has the CEntrance MasterClass 2504 Speakers for about $200 shipped after taxes for me. anyone here think the speakers are worth it at that price or is there something better?
YMMV with how well the shuguang will sound like in your tube amp. apparently this guy was impressed and bought a whole bunch for his amp  
i've been thinking about getting a 6F8G to 6sn7 adapter and buying some 6F8G tubes. there should be no problems since they're the same from what i've read, right? this is the adapter i plan to buy
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