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price drop again
price drop
*price drop   i haven't used it for about 5 months at least since i have moved onto other audio gear. it comes with the additional AD797 and LT1028 OP amps and 3 dual to mono op amp adapters (these do not come with the product on ebay). the OP amps costed $37.47 extra to buy so it's a great deal since i am including them with the fire phoenix. i bought them for OP amp rolling and they work great in the amp section depending on your headphone.   i will also have the...
sold to JoeDoe
did a/b with HD650 for a month and liked HD650 afterall. they're in excellent condition and was purchased from proaudiostar (authorized reseller).   payment via paypal. shipping is free via USPS priority in U.S. only. paypal fee is not included so add 3.5% or gift.   also willing to do local pick-up if you're nearby california 90703
selling my T90 for $400 after a month of A/B with my HD650. it's in excellent condition like when i first received it. it was bought from proaudiostar. i would really prefer local pick-up if you're in the long beach, california area near cerritos. it comes with the bag, box, and manual. PM me if interested. i'll end up posting in the F/S section with pictures tomorrow.   it turns out i like the HD650 midrange and bass pronunciation afterall which is why i am selling...
 cheap alternatives would be RCA 6AS7 and chatham 6as7. by cheap i mean under $15 to $30 shipped.
it's been almost two weeks since the caps were soldered. absolutely zero noise with any 6sn7 i've put in. it's been said many times but i also recommend anyone to do this if they encounter horrible noise or hums with their old age 6sn7s that were bought. the only very slight noise i can hear is from the 5998 i have. my other 6AS7 tubes don't make noise.
i interpret that as a "no, it doesn't matter what voltage is on the capacitor you use for the fitz mod". am i right? (lol). the caps i ordered arrives on thursday but won't get installed until saturday night.
 i might end up asking an acquaintance of my dad about that. he's a longtime electrician and used to run a radio tube shop before solid state immediately took over. also does the voltage on the capacitors truly not matter for the fitz mod? i'm just double-checking since i only read one post about it and that was on page 1 of this thread.
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