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bottlehead crack tube amp is a very very popular choice for the HD650. it should be anyones first choice if they really want to enjoy their HD650 for the price the amp is sold at.
media player classic
do you own any amplifers specifically for those headphones or plan to buy one if necessary for your next headphone? this will help others who read your thread to give you more helpful advice.
i've read about dunu earphones there and here, but never tried them myself. hope i win one to try it out!
i saw vacuumtubes sells those chatham 6AS7G for $20. you think they're the one and the same? i might have to shoot them an e-mail. otherwise i totally love the chatham 6AS7G over the stock tube and RCA. i do want to try a 5998 though.
i don't have a tube tester laying around. im thinking that's how the stock tubes are supposed to be. i put in some other tubes and the glass doesn't turn dark grey.
hey guys. my dark voice 336se finally came in and i turned it on. is it normal for 6as7 and 6sn7 tube glasses to turn dark grey from the bottom? i immediately turned it off after i noticed parts of the bottom glass was turning dark grey while listening to my music. i want to know if this is normal behavior for new tubes. these are the stock tubes that came with it.   i also smelled what seemed to be like a faint burn smell when i put my nose close to the tubes. once...
your PM earlier helped me clear it up. thanks for the response.   and i won a bidding what seems to be a NOS sylvania vt-231 for $20.15 shipped if his test scores are accurate. can't wait to hear the sylvania WTG, TS WTG, and sylvania vt-231. i slipped an auction on a almost NOS rca vt-231 grey glass. that was pretty stupid of me... i could have gotten it for $25 shipped. i was watching breaking bad and got caught up in it. grr
is that a good smile or a bad smile? lol. it seems there is not many of them on ebay. if any at all ;/
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