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my soul tells me to hit that Buy button but my body is not willing. I'm just so paranoid about how i won't like the solid state sound after sticking with an OTL tube amp for so long. headphone is hd650 which is all i use these days.   quick someone give me that beatdown. btw i remember flysweep saying he was going to try balanced cables for this amp. was there any update on that?
mine arrived exactly like yours did teddyshot. same number on top but different number on the gray sticker. i wouldn't worry about it. mine came from razerdogaudio fyi before sennheiser became strict on retailers giving discounts on their headphones.   no seal on the box or a sticker i can see on or inside the headphone as far as i know on mine.
 definitely a thread worthy of my time reading through. but i must get some sleep for work tomorrow. thanks!
i've tried asgard beforehand and that was the asgard 1. not the asgard 2. the asgard was slow and made the hd650 very boring for me. it wasn't until i tried out OTL tube amps that i liked the hd650. unless they changed how the asgard signature works with asgard 2?
i'm possibly considering getting another amp that is a solid state for my hd650. atm im using the darkvoice 336se with 5998 and tungsol 6f8g to power it. it sounds fantastic but at some point i just want to be rid of worries when my tubes die and i go off looking for more and spending more $$$ than i should. is the burson soloist SL a great consideration for the HD650 as a solid state amp around the $600 range? i have the ODAC for a dedicated DAC.   thanks.
i'm looking to buy either a pair or one gec 6as7. it doesn't matter if it's curved or straight base. NOS or very strong results if possible. I live in the southern california area in the U.S. and i am paypal verified. i ask the same of the seller.   thanks.
subbed. i was deciding on the W1000X until i saw this. i've been looking for a closed headphone on and off. it'd be great if someone could compare.
anyone ever try an aftermarket cable for their im70? i'm curious about it   http://www.ebay.com/itm/C8-Net-Earphone-Cable-For-audio-technica-ATH-IM50-ATH-IM70-ATH-IM02-ATH-IM03-04-/251571751138?pt=US_Audio_Cables_Adapters&hash=item3a92d848e2
sold to ice445
transaction currently pending. this listing is on hold until confirmed payment.
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