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proaudiostar on ebay has the beyerdynamic T90 open box UNUSED for $409 FS. they're an authorized dealer when i looked them up on the site.   this is the message i received back when i asked about what they mean by open box UNUSED.   "Thank you for contacting We have both (NEW) and NEW other (Store display...
so how exactly does the HD650 sound like using this speaker amp? is it as dynamic and fast just like when using tube amps? more alive? or something similar along those lines?
What was the condition of the tube test results before using it in your amp? I might be interested.
a certain somewhere has the CEntrance MasterClass 2504 Speakers for about $200 shipped after taxes for me. anyone here think the speakers are worth it at that price or is there something better?
YMMV with how well the shuguang will sound like in your tube amp. apparently this guy was impressed and bought a whole bunch for his amp  
i've been thinking about getting a 6F8G to 6sn7 adapter and buying some 6F8G tubes. there should be no problems since they're the same from what i've read, right? this is the adapter i plan to buy
where did you guys buy the IM70? i searched CDJapan and they don't have it anymore.
thanks spacequeen7. i sent them an e-mail asking for a 5998 replacement with higher test ratings and used this thread (and your post) as a reference in my e-mail. now i wait to see how they will reply tomorrow. i mean their site says they store NOS and factory-new tubes. i knew the test results looked concerning and your post only confirmed my suspicion.
 both of those links don't mention a TS black glass 6sn7gt square plate. the second one doesn't even review a black glass at all. the reference thread only mentions a round and oval plate. more specifically on how the round plate sounds. i've looked through it before.
the tung sol 6sn7gt black glass SQUARE PLATE is NOT the same as the mouse ears physically. they're different. i searched the 6sn7 thread before and only saw mentions of TS producing a BG square plate but nothing on how it sounded like compared to the round and oval. unless you were quoting neogeo333 for the TS mouse ears. you stacked our quotes on top of each other making it seem like you were replying to both of us with those answers.
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