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wow i did not know DX12 might not get support on W7. that is a kicker since i'm primarily a PC gamer. sigh now i really have to think about my $$$ for DX12 AND the EHCI drivers issue on skylake.   ignore if you are using Windows 8. Windows 7 users and previous versions of Windows will want to read.   am i thinking this right? i don't know of any DACs that has USB 3.0. so will people who WANT to upgrade to Skylake be screwed if they want to stick to Windows 7? Windows 10 remains to be seen at this point. i know for a fact myself i'll be sticking with windows 7...
5 pounds according to this UPS sticker i'm looking at on my box.
 it's my first time listening to any type of planar headphones and the HE-560 + H10 amp blows me away. it's basically what flysweep said early on in this thread which i experienced so far with the combo. i'm also hearing things i have never heard before. example is one song with a chrous singing low notes into a powerful high note which just blew me away. i have heard this song so many times and that was the first time i experienced that. and songs that puts a "slam" in...
after almost two weeks of burn-in with bifrost uber and H10 amp i can say the H10 drives the HD650 well. not OK or not great or not bloody freakin' fantastic you'll nerdgasm. just well. tube amps are still the top standards for driving the HD650. as for the HE-560 that is for another time. i plan to listen to it more but i can tell i am loving it.
mine arrived today and i just got off work. my initial impressions with this amp using the hd650 and ODAC and +6db settings are very impressive! it's not as fast as using a 5998 tube but almost there. bass doesn't hit quite as hard either but almost there also. vocals aren't a bit forward as i would like but that might change with burn-in. i most likely won't post any more impressions as i have a bifrost uber gen 2 usb arriving tomorrow and later the he-560 next week....
welp order the H10 just now. i will do the usual burn-ins for the he-560 and H10. happy holidays! it looks like i won't be disappointed when i read through the thread a third time.
Sorry all for the confusion. I also edited my post above but to say it again: I misread. Got off a very long shift and that's what I get for not wearing my glasses. Anyway I'm content with them like new at that price. Happy holidays all:) And now I go to sleep after a long day. I shouldn't even be up!
I just wanted to clarify that it was for a like new item. I misread. Just got off a very long shift. That's what I get for not wearing my glasses.
you know what. life is too short and i had the upgrade itch the last few weeks anyway. this will be my (2nd) christmas present to me~ i'll probably end up grabbing that H10 amp next week as well. cheers!
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