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i just realized these almost weigh as much as the HE-560 without the cable. any early reviewer care to chime in on long term wearing of the TH-X00 vs the HE-560?
thanks for the responses guys. i'm gonna take a wait and see approach. there's some other issues i'm concerned with about the TH-X00. gonna need more sample sizes hopefully within the next few weeks.
you guys think the H10 would be a good candidate to power the fostex th-x00 headphone based on specs alone?   fostex th-x00 specs Impedance: 25 ohms Sensitivity: 94 dB/mW Maximum input: 1,800 mW Frequency response: 5–45,000 Hz
i'm thinking about selling off my HE-560. great headphones and all but the weight does get to me. what would i expect from this headphone? basically a closed version of the HD650? how comfortable is it? what amps are known to be a great pair with it?   thanks.
55 grand give or take for the new orpheus is a pipe dream for me. maybe when i get a better job position later ;/
bit on the CKR9 after all the positive reviews. it's the first time i've spent over $20 on a IEM and will be pairing it with my old audinst hud mx-2. i will be using it daily since i'm back in college full time spending most of my time in the library.   also i can't believe i missed out on that CKR9 LTD! that is one sexy IEM color scheme.
 it seems like the R70X will be march 20, 2015. i'm going to keep my eyes on that headphone and see what others say. all i have to say is the new wing system (again) better not be a dud compared to the ATH-AD second gen wing systems.
wow i did not know DX12 might not get support on W7. that is a kicker since i'm primarily a PC gamer. sigh now i really have to think about my $$$ for DX12 AND the EHCI drivers issue on skylake.
http://wccftech.com/intel-skylake-remove-support-usb-based-windows-7-installation-platform-specs/   ignore if you are using Windows 8. Windows 7 users and previous versions of Windows will want to read.   am i thinking this right? i don't know of any DACs that has USB 3.0. so will people who WANT to upgrade to Skylake be screwed if they want to stick to Windows 7? Windows 10 remains to be seen at this point. i know for a fact myself i'll be sticking with windows 7...
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