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Yes, only the USB input is affected. I've already started the RA warranty process with Schiit.
Hi guys,   I couldn't find the thread for the original Bifrost, and so I thought I would ask you guys. My Schiit Bifrost Uber Gen 2 has been giving me problems recently. In Windows 7 (Desktop) and Windows 8.1 (Laptop), it gives a "USB Device Not Recognized". I've tried fresh installs of W7 and W8.1, trying out different USB cables, trying out different USB ports and even trying out the Schiit drivers for the Bifrost. I can't even install the Bifrost drivers because the...
Payment via Paypal Buyer must be Paypal verified Signature will be required $70 shipped via USPS. U.S. 48 only   I'm clearing some old gear out of the closet. There is a slight scratch on the left earcup, for it came like that when I first bought it. Otherwise I'd rate the condition 8/10.
sold to Guidostrunk
so do you guys think we could see another refresh of the AD open air series this year just like from the previous trends?
rev. a
it seems obvious the burson op-amps makes a difference from what i keep reading but is it really worth an upgrade of around $224.72 USD? that's what i am debating.
Local sales pending.
Selling to U.S. Lower 48 only. Upgraded to another DAC and no longer need it. It's been in the storage since then. USB cable included.   $90 shipped via First Class USPS. Signature confirmation included. Payment by PayPal. Must be PayPal Verified.
so does this mean their air dynamic series has a chance of getting a refresh too?   also geebus @ those prices for the high end art headphones. i could buy a W1000z for a lower price than that!
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