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Hi   I loved the sound signature of me Re0s. I liked the sound-stage, the clarity and the light bass.   I mostly want excellent sound-stage for classical music.   However my pair have broken and I can no longer find them to buy in the UK.   Could anyone recommend me an IEM around £100 available now in the UK?
I've realised that is certainly true about driver size, after all the BK XLS 200 is also a 10", not to mention higher-end 10" subs.   Well I do know for sure that the low-end response will be better, I suppose the balance between bass perception and price is an entirely personal choice.   Thanks for informing me- I actually didn't know about the origins of the LTC SW100. That explains it's amazingly bad SQ.  
I was very disappointed with my LTC SW100 10" subwoofer. I am considering upgrading to a custom 18" sealed subwoofer. (Specifically the Fi SSD18 with Beh. EP4000.) This upgrade would cost around £400 as I have got some great used prices. Could anyone with experience with subs tell me if going from 10" to 18" makes a big difference to the listening experience of electronic music? Obviously the bass is much bigger but does it actually sound good enough for the £400 increase?
I would also like to know this. ACS is the only ie8 custom-tip producer I have heard of, and they have discontinued that service for the ie8s.
Hmm, ok guys, I understand now that I will have to compromise at that price. I will come back later with a bigger budget and a new thread.   Thanks for the advice.
I'm now considering the BK XLS200 as well, of course this is a fair bit more expensive at £315.  
Hi   I have the £80 LTC SW100 subwoofer, and I am wondering if the £170 Wharfedale SW150 would be worth the upgrade for me.   The only music genre I will use it for is loud and bass-heavy club music. Most of the people who hear it won't be audiophiles so I don't  want to pay over the odds for amazing sound quality, I just want the most bass volume and tightness I can get, I'm looking for good value for money. Is this upgrade massive or too small to justify the...
Thanks guys, I have ordered a 3.5mm to dual RCA cable. The sub only came with a single white RCA male-to-male. I suppose they assume I will be using an amp rather than a motherboard or soundcard. BTW, am I stifling the sub massively by not amplifying it, or would it be ok?   How do I know what level to set the crossover frequency? (I assume via the knob labelled "FREQ" in the photo.)  Is it an exact value based on my bookshelf model, or should I be judging it by ear?...
Hi guys, I know next to nothing about speakers and I am a bit stuck.   I bought the LTC SW100 subwoofer to complement my Edifier R1600Ts, but I have no idea how to connect it to my pc, there are so many sockets everywhere!   Here is a picture of the outputs on my PC: And here are the inputs on the sub:   Any help would really be appriciated
Could some more experienced Head-Fi'ers please check out this deal I have found on the Senn IE8s?   £95 including postage. Are these likely to be fake/broken? It says that they are factory returns (cosmetic box damage) and that they have never been used and they have holograms on the outside. Do you...
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