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or maybe i should go for other headphone's in that price range?(170$ budget)   what do you guy's think?   i should add that i listen to mostly elctronice music but i do listen to alot of classes too so... but mostly elctronice music(dubstep....etc)
i dont know if the FiiO E6 is really worth buying for the Iphone 4s im going to buy Vsonic GR07 and i would like to know if i should buy as well the FiiO E6 for improved sound Quality its another 30$ and me budget is 235$ so 170 for the GR07 its going to leave me with 35$ maybe i should invest them in other things or the sound is really going to be changed in a good way?     ho and i didnt decide what should i buy the Vsonic GR07 or maybe the GR01 is the 15$...
Joker review is on headphones i cant find a IEM multi review like the headphones multi review on the top of this section   and why i cant plug an external DAC like a FiiO 1 to my iphone? his jailbreak
the problem i have is i live in isreal their is not much choice in earphones not alot of ppl here love this field of headphones so no store realy wants to get alot of diffrent headphones and earphones and in-ear monitors so i need to buy on review's not on going to the store to lisn to them   but tnx for the variaty of earphones ill check them out not what about the budget do you think i should go with DAC and earphones or just earphones? its for iphone  
i hate monster thay have too much bass i mean its really an overkilling bass headphones and i really dont like it  
i got some money to spend and i lost the Earphones that came with me iphone so im looking for some new Earphones or In-Ear monitors not headphones i dont like to carry them with me on the bus and to school   now i got a 200$ budget now i dont know if i should split it like that: 100% for the earphones or split it like 70-80% for the earphones and the rest for DAC for me iphone but i dont know what should i do and what to buy   the main style's i hear...
  DX is a fake factory some things there are reall but i dont knoe what about the FIIO E5 is it reall or fake at DX?   i need ot all in 1 place soo it will get to my in the same time  
thanks       thank you you know where i can get: Dunu Trident sandisk sansa clip + 4GB FiiO E5 amp and Sandisk 8GB microSD i need all of those stuff to be worldwide shippment but amazon is not shippineg those things into my country for what thay say so i need a worldwide shippment who can ship to israel   (AMAZON suckkkkkk asss!!!!!)
  31$ for noise cancle in ears? i think something is not good with these thing if it cost that much and got noise cancleng system any why i got 50$ i think there is better things in that budget right? i can name all the in ears that cost 0-50$ to you know? it dosent realy halping my that your saying every earphones there is in that budget (and please put the name of the company im luky to know that M2 is brainwaves i cant go to google and put M2 and hope ill get...
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