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these are the longest i have had earphones not mess up on me.     2years strong :)
my cables turning green and i never take these earphones out , I just use them at home when i do some relaxing listening
lol aight
if i sleep with these will i mess them up? scared to sleep with them
  yeah never really gave voodoo a proper listen guess i will now, dilla   yeah never got into frank ill give a try     nice recommedations everyone thanks also my wire turning kinda green only from the bottom doe 
yeah i heard those the roots are one of the best and also their album are well mixed especially undun sounds perfect.   Lol recommend me something that is not hip hop cause im pretty sure i heard alot of it already
What are the best albums to listen while using gr07?   I mostly listen to hip hop but i dont care give me any album from any genre that sounds incredible on these
    i been reading through the forum and i believe ill skip on these    and yeah Blu is my boi Below the Heavens >>> glad people know who he is and hoping he gets his **** together this year :)
how do these compare to the vsonic gr07?   does it have a stronger bass or the same, weaker?   and would buying these be worth it if i own the gr07 already?
he just released a new update for the crashing errors\   now wishing for integration to scrobble the tracks n it would be perfect
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