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Been outta the loop for awhile.  Any recommendations on a mid-centric pair with great vocals?  Had the KC06 before and loved them before they died.
Never A/B'd them but heard both and the 668b is several tiers above in terms of clarity and detail. It is a little sibilant and not for those who are treble sensitive though.
 I suspect you'll be satisfied with the E17.  It has enough juice to power the HE-400's adequately and adds a touch of warmth to take the edge off the occasionally hot treble.
 Good point.  Seems like most people find them amp/source-dependent.  I've only heard them un-amped myself but still liked them quite a bit. Oh, a couple others to consider are the CAL! and ATH M30, both of which also have updated models (though I haven't heard the newer ones).  IIRC the V6 is more forward with brighter treble than those two.
+2 to the Sony MDR V-6.  My dad uses them for the same purposes.  There's also the Koss Pro DJ100, which I believe comes with Koss' lifetime warranty.  Both are highly functional/durable, relatively neutral, and pretty subdued designs.
What's the return policy on David Luiz's transfer?
 Sounds like the DT880 is right up your alley if you can find it for the right price.  Look for the 250ohm Pro version. Although not amazing, the E10's are alright with the 250ohm.
 Pretty much this.  If you haven't tried it already, and you don't mind EQing, just bump up the upper mid-range and it should make quite a difference.
I think you probably made a good choice with the HD598's.  Definitely one of the more comfortable sets I've tried and its a pretty easy headphone to listen to IMO.  In the off-chance you don't like them, the Beyer line of DT770/880/990 are also extremely comfortable with roughly comparable sound quality.  Keep in mind that the 770's are closed, while the latter two are semi-open.  Oh, and the latter two will likely require an amp unless you get the 32ohm versions. That...
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