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I'd push up your budget (quite) a bit and ask if they can get a Sennheiser IE7 shipped over. It isn't listed in the selection but if you google around, you can find the Best Buy page for them. Yes, it's $100 but it's a very nice piece according to some. Another option would be to use the $50 gift card to get a $50 amazon card and use it on Amazon instead. The thing with Sennheiser's IE7's that the warranty will let you "upgrade" if they can't replace it with the same...
Simple as decoring, no?     If you find Comply foams cut out too much of the treble, either put them on the earphone backwards, or decore them and shove the foam into the medium silicone tips. You get the isolation of foams without any detail loss.
AKG K550 on some football player. Count me as surprised. Costs a good amount to get around here. Same bloke I saw with some HD25-it's probably. Real nice lookin' headphones in real life though.
There was this UE impedance adapter, not sure if it counts as a cable though. I believe it was rated at ~100 ohms.
They had a pretty big budget I'm guessing. Another also has that simultaneous manga being released and a planned live-action movie. As good as my understanding of japanese is, I don't know if I can keep my attention focused for a whole movie. Otherwise, yeah, it's one of those series many will like immediately off the bat. It caught on about as well as Mashiro-iro did for me, which was really well.
The whole reshelling craze and the fact that someone recently cracked open the shell of a W4 and put in Shure connectors led me to wonder, what would happen if I transplanted the drivers of the TF10 into the much more comfortable shell of a W3 and put in a Shure/Westone connector? Sadly, I can't source the shell nor do can I source the connector but I'm sure some people could.   TL;DR: Reshell one universal...Into another universal.
Movie scene: Independence Day - Let's Plow the Road Tracks: Ace Combat 2 OST: Fire Youngman, followed by Ace Combat Assault Horizon OST: Horizon for the big ship blowing up. It has the nearly cheesy but at the same time fitting tune.       Also, I'm pretty sure that wasn't an air-to-air missile they fired at the last second...Looked more like anti-ship. Ah well, that was a case of the more explosives packed the better.
I'm tempted to say SE215 with the mic cable but YMMV on how it sounds. Definitely tough enough to withstand everyday use, as long as you don't do stupid things with them (i.e. stuff them into pockets, cramped bags, etc, without using the carrying case). Give'm a shot though.
Agreed. It's getting pretty good.   What would you do in the guy's position though? I'd be thinking "This is one of those times it would pay to have a magnum". Of course with rubber bullets.
[quote name="Kuroda Tsubasa" url="/t/586040/official-japanese-anime-manga-music-discussion-lounge/2640#post_8237100"] I don't remember, but I think, yes. Can't check right now because my Seagate GKUGGBLHIL Expansion HDD with my full collection of all anime and osts has died. =.= Lol, why?[/quote] Ouch man. Did you back it up elsewhere? I've got my collection stuffed onto Box.net, since there was the 50 free gb offer with hp's touchpads I've got 100 actually because of the...
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