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Kaichou was one of those odd one outs like Ouran. Comedy value was really good imo. I liked it despite the shoujo tag.   (Off topic) Anyone got any good ideas on how to get rid of a chronic smoker that lives on the 1st floor of an apartment complex? I can smell the cigarette smoke all the way up on the 3rd floor here...At ridiculous times of night too, at one point at 1 in the morning. At this rate, it'll be lawsuit time.
VSonic GR06, as many would probably say. Use comply foams if you find they don't isolate enough.
TouchPad should be able to drive them pretty well. Manages to drive my TF10 to near perfection unamped, despite the massive impedance shifting peaking at 64.5 ohms...Everything else needed an insane EQ. If you still can't get it right, get Preware and install TouchVol. Hardware level 5 band EQ to use along with pretty fine volume adjustments. Really nice for finding the "right" volume to listen at.
I'd eagerly approve if it was the SL150. They look nice and sound pretty darn good for celeb branded headphones. Before I get shot, ask InnerFidelity.
Solid choice. Consider Westone's UM1 at that point as well and maybe the Creative Aurvana 3 if it's still at $105.
The placing of the drivers inside the IEM is usually a process kept relatively secret but reshelling a custom...   The reason it's so expensive is that smashing open the acrylic shell can easily break/damage the armatures inside. For reshelling an universal IEM, it's taking the housing apart to get the armatures out and then and sealing the drivers in place in a custom acrylic shell.   Depending on whether it had a detachable cable or not, either it's...
In that situation, I may still go Westone. Two replacement cables so far, although the fit is really nice. I can sleep with them on, flip mod of course. There's always getting a Shure connector installed if I get sick of the Westone pins .   That being said, I wonder how TF10 drivers would sound in a different housing. W3 housing anyone w/i Shure connector?
^Smart. If mine permanently conked out, I'd probably be forced to move to a UM2 RC since it's near impossible to find TF10s now for a good price. They're going for $230 anyways and it's cheaper than the UM2/W2 so might as well. Less cable headaches down the road too. It's either that or a used custom to reshell.
I got mine off of eBay for the $119 "deal". I figured it wouldn't hurt since I usually have good luck with getting electronics that last a while.   Thing is, most Amazon resellers are out to make a quick buck with these TF10's. Probably mass bought them during the Black Friday sale under multiple accounts, then sold under one. Count me as surprised if you manage to get one of the older TF10 boxes that are reflective and all.
Depends on your taste of music from here. Atrios=bassy. Etymotic=analytical with detailed treble. Creative 3 is...Actually, don't ask me, ask the folks hanging around in the Creative Aurvana 3 thread instead. According to what's been said, they're a midrange focused piece. At the ~$100 price point, SE215s and entry level Westones are also in reach.
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