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You're going to have to file down the pins and cut them down a bit. Nothing some sandpaper and a nail file can't do though.
About an hour ago, I ran into an odd fake AV malware, and obviously, started breaking out the tools to clean it out. Probably a driveby from some bad advertisement.   Before I start anything though, I do have plenty of experience cleaning this sort of crap out...Mainly through Linux and ClamAV on a CD as usually, Windows won't boot properly/won't allow me to run programs without jumping through hoops. This one though seemed dumb enough to be killed by task manager...
Eh. I always thought the tours were far too harsh sounding rather than too bassy. Can I say the FR graph is a lie? The seal is a pain to get right, and even then, the treble amounted to something of an icepick to the ear after some time. Maybe I messed up while demoing, but ah well. Coming from someone with Altec Lansing Backbeat 326's, which are rebranded MetroFi200's, I'd actually say the MetroFis were similar sounding with the bass. Midrange...Didn't stick around long...
A while back, I thought a bit out loud about reshelling the TF10 into another universal, pretty much shoving the drivers and crossover into a much more comfortable and smaller W3 or SE535 shell, and someone mentioned a little audio shop in Hong Kong that would do it. No clue on the fee but it might be a good idea for those who don't want to go the custom route but want a better fit.
Saw two Klipsch Image Ones in the span of 30 minutes in Boston.
  It's not unheard of. Some have said the whole two bass drivers went out on one side. I'd guess it's a blown driver or the circuitboard (crossover) is fried. In that case, you may be out of luck.
It's still slightly disappointing in my mind, although it might be possible to change. Give me some time? Otherwise, I may have to start editing out a couple of these posts.   HDJ1000 on some art student (he must like the mid bass of Pioneer's house sound), and the MDR was a ZX series. ZX700, I think.   And I just half realized I put this in the wrong thread.     A bit more on topic now, TF10+metalhead friend: the cymbals hurt my head. I knew the treble was overextended...
Bizarre twist: a certain girl I liked (emphasis on liked) got...Beats Solo -_- Otherwise, one of those newer Sony MDR series headphones and an HDJ1000.
Trying to keep up with this thread=Trying to keep up with something like an F-22 in an F-16. Huge speed gap.
Less recessed mids (in my opinion), better control of bass, and very extended and detailed treble. The only thing holding it back is the cable because of how stiff it is, but that's replaceable with an aftermarket one. A filed-down Westone cable does very well for this.
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