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Or just decore a comply foam tip and shove it into the medium silicone tip. It works well enough for me to stand behind a band a few people I knew formed as their monitoring guy. Isolates and seals well. I'm still trying to convince them to use at least Westone UM1's or something of the like though. Not for the better quality, but for the sake of their hearing.
Generally, anything that can drive up to 64 ohm headphones well. A good example would be an HP TouchPad, funny enough. But for weaker sources like an iPod or iPhone, an amp will help. It's probably almost mandatory considering TF10 impedance peaks at 64.5 ohms. I recall posting the exact impedance graph somewhere in the TF10 appreciation thread...
  A reshelled ER4! No one's thought of/done that yet, right? Though this is based on your already *sorta decided* preference for the ER4. The only downside other than an even higher cost would probably be less isolation but it's better to be safe and be able to hear the idiot red SUV barreling towards you.
  As long as it's easier to deal with than the stock cable, I think it'll be good then. Hopefully I won't be disappointed when...well, whenever they get here. 13-25 business days which is about...3-5 weeks? With my luck with shipping, probably 6 weeks considering even the UE replacement cable Logitech sent me was rejected by US customs twice.   And didn't the Fiio cable warm the sound and give it a touch more bass?
Memory wire is a must for the way I use TF10s. Tons of running, biking, and just generally being out and about, of course with the flip mod. Plus, I'm actually looking for a bit more sharpening of the treble a bit, as I find it helps some vocals.
Finally going to bite the bullet once again on getting an aftermarket cable, so I'm thinking this one. Anyone have any experience with this seller's cables? From what I can tell, it seems pretty flexible and well made. My only concern would be the connector shells/heatshrink coming off but I can always just do a little bit of DIY and stick an actual UE connector shell on it.   And obviously, as a student, I don't really have the budget for a Null Audio or Baldur...
As much as I'd love to use this wallpaper, it's not scaled exactly right.
The TF10's pretty picky about sources. Usually, it's something to do with how low impedance it can drive, since the TF10 reaches as high at 64.5 ohms@2kHz if I recall right and as low as 6.5 in the upper treble. The 32 ohm rating is a lie.
You could probably just clip it onto a pack or jeans in that case, no worries about it getting crushed. Frankly, even having the UE case in pocket looks a bit...Strange, since it's a big 1.5 inch bulge.
It'd be cheaper to order one of these as a case. Blue one's $10 with free shipping. Clear one's just a bit more.  
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