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I highly doubt a vented dynamic would work well due to lack of isolation, but perhaps a reshelled one may? Throwing a (somewhat) insane idea out there. Universals in general might be a good idea, since they can potentially isolate better than customs; customs generally cut out ~26dB, whereas some universals do up to 35-42dB. (Shure, Etymotic, Westone w/i olives)   But otherwise, it might be a good idea to check out some of Unique Melody's offerings.
  No. That is wrong, at least as far as I remember. L and R should always face the nozzle. The pin's polarities always go ground -> signal, from the left pin to right pin on each connector, with the letter that says the side facing you. It's also the reason why with Westone cables, the L (blue) dot always faces out and the R (red) dot always faces in if you're using them on the TF10.
Look at the Amazon entry for the Dark Silver UE700. There's a couple pictures of the cable separating from the right angle jack.
A few more pics that made nice backgrounds....
The new ones have a revised right angle jack that actually doesn't fall apart. The difference is really the nozzles though...They're more like the standard UE nozzles with a bit of a lip instead of the older ones, which also used the more tapered silicone tips. Lemme pull up the thread regarding revisions...  
425. Back up your music library often. I just borked my linux install (surprise surprise) again and just happened to forget that there's still music sitting around in the partition... Lucky me, it booted after some work. Wireless is down, but I did manage to download the whole of the updates...time to fix this install. As the saying goes, "if it boots, it can be fixed".
A good place to start then would probably be a Shure SE215 with the Mic cable. Easily a good entry level IEM. From what I recall, it's a warm sounding piece with slightly rolled off treble, so it's easier on the ears. Enough bass to satisfy most people's needs too.
If you have cyanogenmod7 installed as a custom rom, you can use dsp manager to adjust the overall volume down a few dB. A bit crude, but it does work.
Once again, decore a pair of the Comply foam tips that came with the TF10 and then shove the foam into the medium silicone. If it's too hard (which was the case for me, it caused some pain after extended wear), soak the foam with warm water, squeeze it dry, and shove back into the silicone tip. It becomes a great deal softer. No loss in isolation and ends up being quite comfortable and seals well.
If they stayed true to the Pioneer house sound, then it should be a very fun, bassy set of cans, yet still neutral enough to handle other genres.
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