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    You sure it's not the mic cable? I'd be very concerned if they were cheaping out to that extent...Next cable I get if that's the case will probably be a Chris Himself w/i one of those Valabs plugs or one of the nicer Sunricky cables(Marine Heart?). Reasonably priced and apparently well made.
    I'm still using my stock cable, and it's not that bad when in warm weather. It's horrendous once it hits 50 degrees outside though. Stiffness goes up 30-fold.   Wow that sounded really wrong...
You may want to be wary of unauthorized dealers...If it's one of those, Westone won't honor the warranty so if they conk out or the cable goes, you're screwed - unless you know a bit of soldering and aren't afraid to take your IEMs apart. If that's the case, you can probably put in a Shure/Westone connector for removable cables. You might want to just splurge the extra $40 and get the UM2 RC.   Otherwise, a few more differences would be soundstage and imaging....
    I hope you remembered to turn down the volume then!   *Remembers time when I left an iPod touch at half volume w/o limit b/c of headphone with low sensitivity...Followed by plugging in TF10s*. Yeah. Did not prepare for the moment of extreme volume.
It had issues with the cable separating from the right angle jack. The latest one seems to be fine.
    If by 100 AUD you mean less than $90 USD, go for it. UE700's a pretty good piece at that price point. As long as you're not a basshead and you like a good amount of detail, they'll do pretty well. Some people reshell them into customs, much like the TF10.   Be wary of the three versions flying around though. 1st one has the straight plug, the other two have the right angle jack. The 3rd one is obviously the best as it has the revised right angle jack that actually...
    S4 has long been completely outdone by things below its price point. The fact that one (I want to say foolish) CNET editor gushed about it means nothing. What most consumers look for nowadays are loudness and earthshaking bass. Result.   GR07, TripleFi10, SE215, and GR06 are all pretty good options in your price range. TripleFis are very popular because there's a good amount of reshelling services around, which will turn univerisal IEMs into customs.
Some bloke with IE8's on the green line today. At least, I think, since it had a Sennheiser jack and fit the shape of one. That aside, the T's recent service cuts are ridiculous. There's less trains inbound on a weekday than weekends last year.
On the wall...I'd say if they were at full price, either one would be enough to satisfy my needs of a fun sound ten times over. I never found the TF10's mids lacking, to be honest. At least when driven with a good source/given a minimal amp, they were fine. If you're thinking directly out of an iPod Touch or Nano, don't even try. It starts sounding claustrophobic and loses clarity in the midrange/lower treble. Example of my EQ on my Droid 2. For sheer ease of use though,...
This is where I was going off of. By what it sounds like, there's no real difference that you can really tell until you amp the thing. Anyone with a really good amp care to pitch in here?  
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