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    Well, the cable's even worse as far as most are concerned. At least the right angle UE jack cable actually lasts. The mic one...Breaks very quickly.
Why not Westone TS1? I know you find Shure's cables uncomfortable but generally, Westone cables are ridiculously limp and pretty much unnoticeable. No memory wire either.
Buy a $100 amazon gift card then, and use it on Amazon. Much easier to pick there. I'd get an SE215.
Yup. A bit noisy actually but overall, it's quite good. It's got an upgraded version of the DAC found in the Samsung Galaxy S I, except with more power to play with. Install TouchVol and you get a nice 5 band EQ that's built into the DAC.
    What source are you using? It's a heck of a lot better on higher power sources like a TouchPad. Again, before someone goes and says "but that thing has Beats audio", this one actually doesn't sabotage the sound while it's off.
Whether the flip mod fits depends on the shape of the ear canal. Generally, flip mod means cable over the ear, with the inside of the bend in the IEM facing inward, towards the head. The UE logo should be on the inside, not apparent to anyone. It will still stick out a bit, but that's because of the lighter angle the nozzle is at when you compare it to a Westone or Shure.   Rather sadistically, the one good shot of the TF10 with the flip mod had to come out horribly...
    How are you wearing the flip mod? Recently, a good deal of people thought it was simply reverse the channels and wear them down (or some other way that isn't really right). Flip mod should look something like this. Apologies for how blurred it is. While one can sleep with them on...I don't recommend it. It can be painful, unless you literally are like a statue while sleeping.
iPad...Maybe. If you can run a DT770 PRO 80ohm out of it just fine, then a TF10 will be fine. Reason for this...   Peaks at 64.5, bottoms out at 6.5. Probably needs an amp...
Decored comply foam shoved into the medium UE silicone.
    TF10 is a fairly safe choice, although you won't get the same bass impact as a dynamic. Generally though, it's got a fun bass and good treble, in terms of extension an detail. Still maintains a sense of balance despite that.   IE8...At 120 quid for an IE8, I'd suspect it's fake. Too good to be true.   GR07...Nothing bad to say about it, nothing good either, since I haven't heard it. I question it being better than an IE8 though. Especially for bassheads.    
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