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If you take some pliers and flatten the pins on the stock cable again, they'll fit. I had to do that with my stock cable because one side had pins that kept falling out. Quality control issue.
Pioneer HDJ2000, Soul SL150 (I'm going to take flak from celebrity headphone bashers for this), and possibly the ATH M50 limited edition sound like they would fit the bill. The rest of Pioneer's HDJ line are also pretty good looking while the SL150 is probably the only good mainstream headphone of most of the celebrity endorsed headphone crop, excluding AKG. Neutral yet bassy sound sig goes well with many tracks. The M50...I won't speak much for it but while the normal...
Accel World's latest ep was pretty funny.."There's no way my little sister is this cute". Made my day right there, even without subs.
  You'll notice that it's mostly junior head-fiers that make the comment of Beats being absolute rubbish; I'd gamble that most haven't heard the Pros and/or/nor compared them to other headphones. In all honesty, I'll also agree, Beats aren't terrible. The Pro's sound is relatively respectable if you can find one for around ~$200 in my opinion. Perhaps a little harsh and overbearing on the bass, but still not as bad as some will make it out to be. Good self defense weapon...
Going back to my HDJ500s just made my TF10s sound really bass light. Result of listening to armature bass for too long?   Aside from that, my UE cable is still holding up, despite massive abuse. The cable gets tugged hard enough to yank the IEMs out of my ears about...Once or twice a day? Still going.
Ouch, hope it works out for all the folks that got scammed. Maybe a little humor to lighten the mood then? If only 80's television was reality, then all we need is a certain team of crack commandos that was tried for a crime they didn't commit and also promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade. "If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...The A-Team". Cue the music and flying jeep?
Buy CDs&rip your music from them instead of downloading. We don't exactly support pirating here (hint). You'll be much better off for audio quality. Plus, music from generally sketchy sources can be sub-par in terms of quality.
Some people like mids, some don't.     That being said, it sounds like I would be very happy with one of those, as long as it's the v2. TF10 sound sig=boring after a while. Need something to break the mold (and cause further pain to the wallet).
^Agreed with above. Many people just can't get it to fit, even with the flip mod. That being said, stock cable is horrendous depending on the weather. If it's warm(60+ degrees), it's decent and not too hard to wrangle with. If it hits 50 degrees or lower, it starts having problems.
SE215 with mic cable? Either that or Westone TS1, only ones I can think of off the top of my head. SE215 does have the removable cable so if the cable gets trashed, you can just get another one.
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