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You get funny looks in an Apple store when you beeline for the Amperiors instead of the Beats.   Apparently, many just automatically assume teens all go for Beats.
Bit of an odd situation occurred when I tried to get another replacement cable from Logitech a few days ago. Their warranty system apparently wouldn't reprocess any claims from the same person twice, even if the warranty is in place. Granted, the guy who I was talking with made a workaround with his supervisor, so I did end up getting my replacement cable. Very dedicated and friendly bunch of folks as always. They also mentioned that they might be out of the normal L...
Maybe make the memory wire slightly looser? I usually let mine have a bit of room to maneuver/wiggle around the ear so it's comfortable.   The whole cable talk going, I'm eying this one for around Thanksgiving/Christmas....   Seems pretty well built and still uses stock pins so it doesn't widen the pin holes. Doesn't look half bad either.
Apparently, my local Apple store now carries HD-25 Amperiors. Nice bassy sound sig along with a good level of noise isolation. I'm tempted to hurt my wallet...
I wouldn't trust that site considering how common fakes are. Your safest bet for getting a genuine one is probably through Monster themselves, especially on refurbs.   I'm also pretty sure that once in a while, the Pro 900 dips below $300. Not having heard it, I can't tell you what to expect.
Bose might be comfortable but it certainly won't last very long...If you're willing to spend that much, maybe consider a Westone 1. Virtually impossible to dislodge and comfortable enough for most to sleep with them on.
The HDJ 2000's price due to it's being significantly more balanced sounding than all of its other DJ headphone rivals, despite the obvious midbass boost and slight treble roll-off. There's also a mod floating around somewhere that lessens sub bass roll-off.   It's more priced for a simple warm-yet-balanced sound that doesn't fatigue too much and great build quality that puts it on par with VMODA. Though with the bass YMMV, it might sound very flat if you're coming...
Pioneer HDJ2000? If you're willing to be a bit spendy, then they're definitely a solid choice. Bassy sound sig without losing out too much on everything else. Looks nice and also built as well as VMODAs, which are notoriously tough. VMODA LP's and M-80's are also pretty good choices that won't fail to satisfy.
Try decoring a foam tip and shoving it into a fitting silicone tip of your choice. Noise isolation and part of the comfort of foam, but the sound of the silicone. Probably best done with comply foams though.
You sure you didn't reverse the polarity by accident? Sounds like what you're describing as your problem.
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