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 Which one do you have, xonar ?
I would say veering on the side of revealing too much but lacking a distinct character and warmth, if that explains it better. My iems are mentioned in my signature. But I use UM Miracle mostly. Without pairing up the custom amp it doesn't get the character I like.
I got it from ebay seller...
I have others tried few others, OPA2227, OPA627AU and AD8620ARZ. AD8620ARZ was a bit too bright. LME49990 is considerably cheaper (2x$4)http://cimarrontechnology.com/lme49990ma.aspx I suppose BRZ version is better ? (2x$11)http://cimarrontechnology.com/ad797brz.aspx Can't seem to find OPA602 on cimarron. Is similar to OPA627AU ?
RE272, only for the purist.
I liked the subbass extension in EQ5. And the silky mids. How is EQ8 in comparison. I might get a new pair of EQ5 as backup if I get a good deal. EQ8 looks bulky.   As I peaked through last few posts, looks like EQ8 has linear bass response. And in your face mids. Why would they change the formula ?
So that's not a huge leap to justify the upgrade. I do agree that ZX1 sounds more clinical to my taste (with no EQing). Not a perfect combination with UM Miracle. But when I add LEAR FSM 02 V2 (MUSE01), the fun increases by a huge stretch. More airy, more detailed, more punchy, and a fun sound signature overall. I hate to carry LEAR FSM 02 V2 though as it simply means a lot less portability. But at home this is my go to combo now. Thanks for the link to post. I will wait...
Haha...dude. So, you got over RE 272 or still in love with it ? What's your current favorites ?
Any other OPAMP better than MUSE01 ? I got like 2 MUSE01 and 1 MUSE02.
Serious question here. How does ZX2 compare with ZX1 ? I am not following up with audio related stuff lately. ZX1 is lying collecting dust on my table. Just recharged it after months.
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