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How is it compared to Merlin ?
Fiio makes good mid segment stuff. Not quite the match with ZX1.
The guys at the bleeding edge are all over Arch Linux.
Use ASIO plugin if your soundcard supports that.
I applied there for MS (AI) and in Edin too. Nice to see the reference from there. Asked to defer admit in Edin for following year. Will apply in German and Canadian universities. I hope to get into TUM or UOT. I did a spectrogram screencap of MJ's Dangerous Vinyl Pack.  24 bit 5011kbp FLAC 250 MB Peaks go well until 96KHz. Not shown in the image.  Do you guys hear any difference when you clip it to 22KHz ? I couldn't pick any subtle nuances. My setup is listed in my...
 That makes sense.
Nice collection of classics on your page ! Lots of stuff to listen to. I recently started listening to classics. Credit goes to a Japanese anime. Before that used to hear occasional Pachelbel in movie opening scenes. Been listening to Chopin, Dvorak, Pachelbel, Debussy, Beethoven, Mozart and some more. I like "Pachelbel Canon in D", "Chopin Nocturne No.2 Op. 9-2", Fur Elise, Sarasate Carmen Fantasia, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Bach's Air, Vivaldi Four Seasons, Beethoven...
Is constant popping sound a universal artifact in vinyl playback ?
I am just trying to wrap my head around the use of ;;; in your posts. I am curious to know the reason if you may indulge to my whim.
I am so undeniably happy I finally found my lost Merlins. I thought I lost 'em somewhere on my flight back to home country. Been almost over 1 year now.   I searched through the luggage bag but couldn't find it. Turns out I searched the wrong bag. It was right there along with my clothes in the other bag. Right there for all these 12 months !'s so much fun listening to this. It adds the fun in the music.   In the sweet reunion of my orangered Merlin's...
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