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I am so undeniably happy I finally found my lost Merlins. I thought I lost 'em somewhere on my flight back to home country. Been almost over 1 year now.   I searched through the luggage bag but couldn't find it. Turns out I searched the wrong bag. It was right there along with my clothes in the other bag. Right there for all these 12 months !   Haha...it's so much fun listening to this. It adds the fun in the music.   In the sweet reunion of my orangered Merlin's...
Woah. All MUSES. I can't do that. Not without ordering a new pair. Where do you source your MUSES from ?
They stopped A161p ?
Frankly, even the best sounding earphones and AMPs won't satisfy you. Everyone has a preference towards certain characteristics of the sound. I wasn't satisfied with my default setup. ZX1 didn't have that magic I was looking for. My alternative would have been to either get another earphone or try out the easiest option. Got LEAR FSM 02 V2 which got pretty good reviews and the best thing was that you can roll opamps. And if that's not enough I could try the Class A amp...
Haha...that's an old bump.   Bought two pair of EQ5 from Dimitri again as a gift for someone. Great to deal with and best price for EQ5 if you are not in Japan.
Repalce I/V with AD8620ARZ   Buffer with MUSES02   Using RCA out.   Sounds more forward and much emphasis on vocals.   Have anyone tried this combination ?
But ZX2 has lot better battery life. What did they do ? It looks like a huge leap. I bought ZX1 because I didn't want to experience the abysmal battery life problem.
Probably try opamp swapping if leckerton supports that.
I stripped down every service. No sound enhancements. No wi fi. And a bunch of other features. This is the best I could get at 10% charge from full charge. Earphone used - Final Audio FI-BA-SB.  
It's a mix of FLAC, WAV and 320kbps mp3 files. I just wish it had more juice to deliver because I need to recharge everyday. Lasts about 12-15 hours of continuous play. I did a reset. Without feeding my google account info. Cut off the wifi. Set all sound settings to off. Stopped services too. But still.
New Posts  All Forums: