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Did you fall in love with her ? Was it love at first sight ?
Much ado about nothing
^^What are the changes ? I couldn't decipher Japanese.
Anyone got the latest update ? 1.11
That's creepy.
I would love to try that but don't think I can spend more because reselling is a hassle.
So it's not placebo ? I love the sound now, esp the mids and the more relaxed presentation. So far, don't feel the urge to slip in an amp in the line.   On a side note, I am in a good mood today. And that sure lends to the listening pleasure. Same setup on some days suck rock bottom while not on others.
Go to Settings > About Device (At the bottom of the list) > System Update It's a ~200 MB update. Click on download. And then once it's downloaded, click on install.
What's the changelog ?
Looks uglier than me
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