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  I have no clue about how it works but last night i hooked up my Senns HD650 and my Grado SR125 to my MK III with a Grado 2 into 1 (lossless splitter). Here is what I found; SPL meter showed at the same volume Grado = 112  decibels  Senns = 102 decibels   As you know, Senns are 300 ohm and the Grado are 32 ohm So, same power why would the Grado be louder if it is harder to drive them?
I have the little dot mkii as well, paired with the little dot dac ii and grado sr125.  They sound great; i put the GS1000 pads on the sr125's.  This pushed the drivers out and made the soundstage huge.  The senn HD650 arrived 2 days ago and are not broken in but they sound, well not broken in yet.  They do make the grado sound bright.
Equipment; Little dott MKIII and Their Dac II Senns HD650 Grado SR125 (modified with larger circumural pads)   Last night I went crazy doing a side by side comparison.  The HD650 are not yet broken in so it may not be fare.  I hope their soundstage opens up, seems to be missing the highs.  My Grado's never sounded bright before the comparison, they do now.  Music; First up was Evanescence, I thought the grado’s had the edge here for the instruments but the...
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