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the SRH 840 is also in that price range and isolates a bit better (might depend on your head/fit though)
The SRH 940 package does come with a straight and coiled variant of its detachable cable and that makes a lot of sense for me as they are semi-portable in design. I just wish they did it earlier with the 840s.
Long story short: my 1 month old SRH840 lost some clamping force and starts to slide off my head (given that they were heavy to begin with) when i move around too much...   Not sure if there was a topic about this already but quick searches have failed me. As title suggests, I'm looking for a way to have the cans regain some clamping force to make them more secure against my head (comfort isn't an issue for me as i can tolerate more pressure). Compressing the...
  you might want to read this: and   $70 seems a bit high for a sj33 unless you meant singapore dollars   I tried my friend's sj55 but found it's bass way too much for my taste, i won't recommend it if you're looking for clear mids (voice) as i feel that bass is spilling over it but that's just my...
Rather than a sound card, you might want to look up at DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) as there is a lot of noise and interference inside a computer. Some USB DACs are also less expensive than sound cards and even double as a portable amp (fiio e7). [first post, please be gentle]
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