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After a long hiatus this thread is alive again     Anyways I saw a Cayman GT4 today, doesn't look as nice in real life but it really does sound amazing.
Speaking of gundam anyone watching IBO? the latest episode was just wow......
dammit you just reminded me that the new episode is out...... got an assignment due in 17 hours must.... resist.........
I remember defending VW for its ambitions of being the biggest in the world and how they weren't cutting any edges to reach the top. I guess I was wrong 
I think my K712 Pros developed an Channel imbalance problem......... the left side is more quiet than the right side 
For australians the co op shop has a deal on audio technicas. The m50x should come to around 150 aud
so..... is this bogan style or otaku style?
Its really not bad, in fact its as useful if not more useful than an Apple watch for half the price 
Withe WWDC happening soon, Wonder will this happen again this year.......   Anyways on a completely unrelated note my Mac is starting to creak at the bottom......
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