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Was it unlimited drinks per hour?
An AKG K712 (yes I finally decided on something )
After looking at the SHP9500 obsessively (through pictures) I have another question....... Would the Sennheiser HD 6XX pads fit on it? Since they seem to have similar dimensions, it might do everything Magick's mod does but easier since the HD6XX pads are pretty thick
what about episode 13?
 okie that may not work with me  since Im not great with delicate things 
What sort of Sound sig is it stock? Yeap found it........  But is the mod just adding a piece of felt under the earpads or is it harder? If it is only adding a piece of felt I might just manage to not screw it up magnificently......... 
Im guessing the deal is over.... but luckily it is COTD so it repeats I guess?
you might had just described my Unicorn headphone, the One for me 
Just a portable amp..... Sony PHA1 its decent but not sure if its enough for planars.....
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