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Hey it might even be a good cough investment cough  Since its stopping production in a few years time......... 
the iPad 2 in my house is still running iOS4 :P
Ohh.... I guess its not really my can than :P 
Hey magick didnt you say you had/have a pair of K702 annis? Do you think that they are a decent pair of headphones for just about every genre?  [[SPOILER]]
Medicine is only a 6 year course 
Aren't you reaching the end point? Only 10 more years and you can kick your children  out of the house and own sports cars like that 
Thanks for ruining my childhood..... 
New Supra? Did he say how much it would cost? Seems like it would be a practical first car 
have you driven it? 
Does it drive? 
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