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I still sorta want an Z3 though..... but Not sure if I want to pay 570 AUD for a grey import..... seems a bit steep for effectively a 1 year old phone
Pretty sure soccer mums drive at the speed of light....... 160 mph is slow for them 
That sounds like a great idea for a TV show....... a mix between Top Gear and Mighty Car Mods  
Around 30k AUD
Its a waste if no one buys it and it gets scrapped..... Whats the estimate to restore this beauty?
Lol that reminds me of this 
Is it just me or are those robots in plastic memory the definition of planned obsolescence? 
To a point its good...... but I felt that it was too messy
I might be artistically insensitive....... but I watched half the movie and had no idea what happened......
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