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ebay has a 10% off electronics right now........ too tempting
what so I only have 3 more months of spotify left? what did apple do?
what song is that?
Wait, the price for the SP3 with the old haswell processors is not worth the money IMO.  [[SPOILER]]
Well at least there are enough in the second hand market to be cheap when the next generation comes out 
Plastic memories is basically an anime about planned obsolescence anyways.......If I wanted to watch something about planned obsolescence I look at my apple products
the compact Z3 in Jp  isnt that much cheaper than the international version 
I want to get an Japanese Xperia Z3 since its 200 odd dollars cheaper than the international models even with shipping involved, any one with any experience with Japanese domestic phones? 
get him a diesel, cant really do anything teenagerish with it (can confirm am a teenager, can't do anything fun with it)
Apparently they are on sale right now (in Oz anyways) but I didnt realize that they were actually takstar 80 rebrands >.<
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