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Thanks! I would really like it if someone could measure the 'sound signatures' between the firmwares. I mean, I sometimes have issues telling the difference between dac/amp setups and that's when I can AB them within seconds. A firmware update takes quite a bit longer, and I doubt anyone can really remember such small differences for such a long period of time.
That ambiguous meaning though :x It could also mean that this situation is special, it is never explicitly said that the monitor itself is waterproof.Not that it matters too much, because that second part of the last sentence is not ambiguous at all "Don't try this at home".
Where do you guys get your information? This is straight from the cosmic ears post: Our linum cables are all totally waterproof. N.B. Our monitors aren't, this is a one off special so don't try this at home folks!!!
 Not to mention that you might get bad synergy. Although if the earphones are fairly neutral you would not really have this problem.My audinst-hud mx1 sounds surprisingly warm compared to the dx90/dx50. Really not sure if you could still call this warmness neutral. It's really quite apparent.
Interesting, exactly what battery do you use? And what is the voltage on that one?I bought an 4200mAh battery that has 0.1 less volt than the stock battery and it does sound less good...
I usually set it at like 65%. I really have no idea how loud it should be though, I do believe there is an ideal signal strength for an LO?I do really dislike that the LO volume is the same as the headphone out. I've had my eardrums blasted out a couple of times with my cIEMs set at volume ~230, while 170 is more than loud enough.
Couldn't agree more. The DX90 in regards of loudness can drive the akg k702 easily, but does it sound good? Nope, quite shrill in fact.
Yep.Then again, the certainty that you have to charge it every night is actually not too bad. You never get the "can I survive tomorrow with 40% or should i charge" doubts.
So for a longer battery life, I bought a X-longer 4200mAh 3.7 volts battery.   It is rated 0.1 volts lower than the stock battery, and I'm afraid it does have an effect on the sound. Sounds are obviously less defined, less texture, smaller soundstage etc.   Did some extensive AB-between the two batteries, using the LO of the DX90 -> O2 -> akg k702 annies.   So yeah, watch the specs closely when buying a new battery!     So ehm, what seems to be the consensus on...
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