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Haha you're welcome!  Once you had some time with your new monitors please let us know how awesome the sound is!I'm hoping that the CE6 will have better resolution in the treble compared to the BA4. If it does, it's a near perfect monitor tbh.
Thanks! Looks like I will NOT purchase the DT150. That region in the treble spells disaster for me, does this headphone have sibilance issues? The DT250 on the other hand, looks almost perfect...
 No man :p I've ignored a bad FR two times, and both times I lost a lot of money :(
Short on money, but I would like to try a new headphone. The DT 150 sounds pretty cool, but I can't find a FR for this headphone anywhere!  Could someone help me out? :D
Oh right, should've mentioned this as well. I also am unable to browse the files on the sd card. Everything works fine on the stock OS though.
Guys, I can't seem to build the database. It finds items, and then just, doesn't do anything anymore, doesn't matter how long I let it do its thing.  Has anyone else encountered the same problem?
Thanks! I would really like it if someone could measure the 'sound signatures' between the firmwares. I mean, I sometimes have issues telling the difference between dac/amp setups and that's when I can AB them within seconds. A firmware update takes quite a bit longer, and I doubt anyone can really remember such small differences for such a long period of time.
That ambiguous meaning though :x It could also mean that this situation is special, it is never explicitly said that the monitor itself is waterproof.Not that it matters too much, because that second part of the last sentence is not ambiguous at all "Don't try this at home".
Where do you guys get your information? This is straight from the cosmic ears post: Our linum cables are all totally waterproof. N.B. Our monitors aren't, this is a one off special so don't try this at home folks!!!
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