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I have had the BA4f for a while now. And I actually do partly agree. However, the fun model does have a lot more bass than the reference version. You know, it's perfectly fine to use an EQ with these phones. I simply turn down the bass, especially in the midbass region, and bump up the treble region quite a bit. I'm actually very satisfied with the SQ I'm getting with these phones when using them with the DX90. I would love to get the CE6P when I finally have the funds,...
My completely homemade desk:     Had to make an adapter to get the samsung syncmaster up there:
That's so bad of him/her! I actually took those instructions to my audiologist and she glanced at them, and then ignored all steps XDAnyway, how does on become an audiologist? Does one just roll in, or do you have to go to university etc?
Not sure why so many audiologist say this doesn't really matter. And use the lackluster argument "I've done 1000s closed mouth impressions". Such a shame when specialists, really aren't specialists.
Phil, if you're reading this, I'm not going to send you my empty shells to see if the CE6 fits in them. Unfortunately I'm in a bit of a financial crisis, so new cIEMs will have to wait.    It's not that big of a problem since I still really like the BA4s, and I will probably be able to buy the CE6s somewhere in 2015.   Much love ^.^
This "sneaky russian" firmware mod sounds awesome. Ofcourse I can't do a quick A-B test but but it certainly seems as if soundstage got a tad bigger, and the seperation seems quite flawless too. Might all be due to the placebo effect, but I don't care :[
Thanks! This is awesome!
Cool, I quite enjoy the DX90. The only 'problem' I have with it, is that the rubber cover makes it really hard to pull out the player from my pocket :/ I didn't try the "sneaky russian" (that sounds really, really wrong btw XD), where did you find it? I'd love to give it a go!
That's great news! Now I just need to find some funds...
 Lol, I completely misread that. I thought shotgunshane said he would get them next week :p I'm going to send some empty shells to phil to see if the those 6 monitors might fit into my tiny ears...
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