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Not sure if it's allowed to self-promote in this thread, but I'm selling my mint condition iBAsso DX90!
Yeah I noticed, been away for a while :] sorry!
Here here!
Hey guys,   I'm selling my DX90 in mint condition including all original accessories. Will ship anywhere but you have to pay.   Some more info: Player was always used with the protective screen film. Player was always used with the silicone casing. Player wasn't used too much, so the battery is still good.   I live in Europe, the Netherlands!
Thanks! Now I'll for sure buy them. I'll be sure to leave my impressions :]
Hi guys,   I really want to buy these inears (using my first real salary payment!!!).   However, I have pretty small ears and I"m worried the housing might not fit comfortably.   For reference, the TDK BA200s fit perfect, they are even slightly smaller then necessary. The shure se415 was too big though.    So any input would be greatly appreciated.   Marley
Alrighty, good to know, thanks!  Checking them out now, thanks! Happy holidays!
Hey Guys, I'm interested in purchasing the SE846 but I'm wondering about comfort.   I have pretty small ears, and the owned the SE425s a while back, and they were slightly too large for my ears.   Does the se846 have the same size / shape as the SE425s? If so I should probably just get customs again...
Guess who's back? I'm back, it's me...   Many new faces probably won't remember me because I've been away for a couple of years. I got the BA4f cIEMs about 3 years ago and I still love them.   But, the reason I'm back is, because I have finally finished my studies and I'm starting with my career this January!  Meaning, that I finally have money to buy all the luxury items I don't really need!   So as a gift to myself, I'm planning to purchase the CE6P :)
I have had the BA4f for a while now. And I actually do partly agree. However, the fun model does have a lot more bass than the reference version. You know, it's perfectly fine to use an EQ with these phones. I simply turn down the bass, especially in the midbass region, and bump up the treble region quite a bit. I'm actually very satisfied with the SQ I'm getting with these phones when using them with the DX90. I would love to get the CE6P when I finally have the funds,...
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