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Interesting design. Quite simple.   Can you explain why you decided to go from a 3 channel design to a 2 channel one? Isn't it a step backward in accuracy?
 It's simple, and to be done with any tube amp: Only plug the headphones in once the amplifier has warmed up and unplug them before powering it down.
So my scanner proved to be unable to take pictures of PCBs, so I went on and bought a DSLR. Here's what I could do with it. You can download the originals and zoom in all you want.        
 Nothing happened to my caps when I first powered the amplifier up. I doubt 1.9 V is enough to kill them... but anyways. You think I should try to power the board without the caps in, see what happens? I'll take my scanner out and scan the bottom of the board. Pictures later today.
 Moves around 2 K ohms.  I measured just about everything I could think of but didn't find any short.
Alright so I reversed the caps, but I still only get 1.9 V out of the LDO. What's more, I only get 1.9 V at the input of the LDO. I'm guessing it's shorted and pulls the DCP into over current protection. Pulling the LDO out and the DCP outputs 24 V.   Interesting to note is the polarity of those capacitor is not marked on my PCB. The print is simply not there.
Holy smokes! I never realized those capacitors had a polarity! Nice find! I'll switch them the right side tomorrow. Thanks a lot! Hopefully my ldo is not fried and will still work after that...
 OK I'll go digging trough some data sheets tomorrow. If there's no way to have more than a guess-timate on how much current my headphones draw, I'll just take my amp meter out and test them. That should work, right?
 Ok noob questions: How do I calculate the quiescent currents and the current of the load? I'm guessing if I can find the output RMS voltage at normal volume, and the impedance of the headphone, I can calculate the load current. But how do I find the RMS output voltage? I'm clueless how to find the quiescent current of the Carrie.
 Lol. If you see a big mushroom cloud East of your place, and that I never report back, you'll know the experiment will have failed.  No but seriously. If I don't get more data on the specifications of the Carrie I won't fool around and order the 750L10. It's just twice the price.
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