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I was in awe of your dead-bug soldering until I noticed you're using the steel case as a ground return for both power and signal. Heresy! D=
 I prefer my modded SRH440 over my Q701 my a large margin. They have better bass, better resolution and a more enjoyable response curve than the Q701. They are more comfortable and block outside noise better by being a sealed headphone. But I was still talked down in my first days on this forum for saying such things, as if the only way to compare headphones was using their price tags. I said I could hear the difference between MP3 and FLAC and I was attacked with "I don't...
 2V, like the input of the LDO. I tried removing the LDO and the DCP did output enough voltage, around 14V if I remember right. It just falls for 2V when I put the LDO in.
The LDO back in, I get 1.87 V on its input and 1.84 V on its output. I'm guessing there's a short somewhere but being mostly a trough-hole board I have no idea where to look. Not to mention the LDO doesn't get hot... Maybe it detects a short and shuts down, but then why is the input 1.87V?!?
So... after a long break, I finally got around to debugging my Carrie.   I took the TL750L10 off the pcb to test it on a bread board. With an input voltage of 14.7 V and an output current of 30 mA, the output voltage reads 13 V. Does this mean the regulator is dead?   I've never experienced such a behavior from an LDO.   Either way if current is flowing trough it, I don't see why my Carrie is not operational. I'll try resoldering the LDO in and do more tests on the...
 I made it myself. It's an hybrid design based on the Starving Student and the SOHA II. And thank you. I like when things match. =)
Have you tried contacting ItalMelodie or Audiophonie? Maybe one such store could lend us a room, and use the opportunity to create an advertising campaign/event. It could be a win-win situation. You just have to convince them that it could be a business opportunity.
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