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The LDO back in, I get 1.87 V on its input and 1.84 V on its output. I'm guessing there's a short somewhere but being mostly a trough-hole board I have no idea where to look. Not to mention the LDO doesn't get hot... Maybe it detects a short and shuts down, but then why is the input 1.87V?!?
So... after a long break, I finally got around to debugging my Carrie.   I took the TL750L10 off the pcb to test it on a bread board. With an input voltage of 14.7 V and an output current of 30 mA, the output voltage reads 13 V. Does this mean the regulator is dead?   I've never experienced such a behavior from an LDO.   Either way if current is flowing trough it, I don't see why my Carrie is not operational. I'll try resoldering the LDO in and do more tests on the...
 I made it myself. It's an hybrid design based on the Starving Student and the SOHA II. And thank you. I like when things match. =)
Have you tried contacting ItalMelodie or Audiophonie? Maybe one such store could lend us a room, and use the opportunity to create an advertising campaign/event. It could be a win-win situation. You just have to convince them that it could be a business opportunity.
 The meets used to be held in rented school rooms in Montreal. But the last one that was planned that way, only two persons showed up so the organizer and the other person had to split the bill between the two of them. It was planned that the price of the rent be divided between the attendees, which was set to be fair if all the RSVPs had showed up. Following these bad experiences, nobody dared organizing a meet in a rented room in Montreal. The success of the last ones...
Is it not possible to do it at the same place as the last 2 years?   It's sad I had to cancel last year on the morning of the meet. It was for health reasons, and sadly my state has only worsened since. I simply cannot plan anything ahead because I cannot know how I'll feel on any given day.   If I'm feeling up for it on the day of this meet, I may show up. I can't promise anything more.
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