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 You read my signature wrong. I don't have the 1440.
Done! Just waiting on Joneeboi to tell me how to wire the amplifier to the DAC and I can fire this puppy up! I'm crossing my fingers this version actually works.  
Well poop. My phone can't stream audio trough the USB OTG cable. How lame.   So yeah, I'm not coming to the meet as I have no setup to bring.
I'm a sad kitten. =(   I bought the Android cable for my Momentums, but it's not compatible with my Moto G. So I think it's time I upgrade my phone. Any of you have an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy I could try my remotes with, confirm that they work? The box of the Android cable says it's compatible with Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony phones, so I'd be happy to get the chance to try it with one of these phones.
Well that's sad.   I own a Motorola Moto G with Android 5.1   The stock, apple certified cable only allows for play and pause. I cant take call or hang up using the remote, and the microphone does not work. Volume up and down does not work either.   So I bought the RCG M2 cable from Sennheiser. This is an alternative cable, made by Sennheiser, for Android devices.   With the RCG M2, only the microphone works. I can't play and pause. The volume does not work. I...
Ugh, my USB OTG cable was lost in the mail. I just ordered another one. Hopefully it gets here soon enough so I can confirm that I have a setup to bring or not.
 That's great! Thanks! I'll wait to receive my USB OTG cable and confirm I can use my smartphone as source. Otherwise there's no much reason in me attending.
Wow!!    These scale surprisingly well! Listening to them right now out of my Audio-gd NFB-12 and they SHINE. With electronic music they are by far the best headphone I own. That bass is so perfect.
Is anything in this pile of junk of any interest to you peeps? I would not want to carry all that out of the island through bus transit just to have it sit in a corner in need of love.      I sadly don't have a laptop anymore, so I just ordered a USB OTG cable. I'll try to hook my DAC to my smartphone and hopefully use it as source to stream my FLAC files trough USB.   I'm located in postal code H3S. Any chance I could get a ride from there? That could make the...
I bought a new, larger purse to carry these around with me at all time. I think that speaks for itself.   
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