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So I recently figured out that every dynamic driver earphone I've used has given me driver flex, and it's come to a point where earphones are pretty much unusable. A couple months ago, I acquired a pair of Creative Aurvana 3's, a dual balanced armature, and received absolutely no driver flex. Unfortunately, the wire on the right earphone has shorted already, so I'm wondering do all balanced armature earphones remove the possibility of driver flex? I'm stuck using on ears...
  Just finished this one up. Best way I can describe it is Atmospheric/Post Grindcore, and it's incredible. Definitely give it a chance if Grindcore isn't usually your thing.
  Anyone who hasn't listened to this should really get on it. Tied for my metal AOTY along with Ulcerate's Vermis.
Thanks for the response. I'm going to see if I can audition a modded Q701 with the previously mentioned amps, as while I don't own the Q701, I know someone who would probably be interested in modding it (the only thing he complains about is the bass response), to see what each sounds like. It'll probably end up turning into a night of headphone listening/tinkering if we can get a mini mini meet going. Hopefully the whole four other people interested in audio I know would...
Thanks, I have preferred tube amps to solid states for the ones I've tried for the most part, although I'm open to either. Does the E18 drive the Q701's well? A transportable option would always be interesting.
Interesting, thanks. Do you think a solid state (Magni&Modi) or tube (Aune T1,Hifiman EF-2, etc) would be better with the mod? I tried it on an original Schiit Asgard, Magni, Aune T1, Hifiman EF-2, Fiio E12, and a JDS Labs Objective 2, and liked the sound of the T1 the best, though I fear it's warmth (though it's actually quite neutral for a tube, as it's only for the DAC) might make it too warm for my taste. If anyone knows of a good around $200 amp for the Q701 sound...
Hey, I've got a quick question on the Q701's. Does this bassport mod just add a bit of midbass to the sound, or help with extension/impact as well? I heard a properly amped unmodded Q701 and loved it for it's mids and highs, excellent for the music I listen to most (Live rock/prog rock/post rock concerts and Ambient/Post Rock), except I didn't like the extension of the bass. Their was enough presence for me, though I wouldn't mind more, the kick drum just felt a bit high...
Interesting, thanks. By a clean amp, do you think a solid state would be better? I know tube amps tend to color sound a bit, especially the budget/mid-fi ones.
 How does the W1000X's treble compare to the DT880's? I really enjoyed the sound sig of the DT880's when I listened to them, especially in the upper regions, but for isolation purposes open/semi open headphones don't really work for me.
Didn't AKG do the same thing with the K550's? EDIT: Actually, I think it was with the K551's.
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