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thanks tim, I knew just kidding, but maybe I will follow your advice and upgrading it
 5.2 already discontinued and a new version is on the market? I am starting to be stressed 
I set it as minimum latency / 512 samples and I am very happy with the performance. PC is a W7 64 bits with 4Gb, the computer even is a quad core is a little bit older, the only changes I did in the OS is disabling aero and all energy-saving options. Player is foobar and also from RAM (with file buffering or ramdisk component).   What kind of powered hubs do you use? reading your comments it seems to increase even more the result...
Yes chodi you are right, is a driver update. I noticed too a slight improvement in terms of transparency   cheers
BTW, M2Tech has released an update of  Hiface2 ' firmware early this week
   thanks HeatFan, I am becoming a big fan of A-GD too,  and I hope it takes you less than 6 months next time!!!
Mine has arrived!!!    Out of the box I paired with Auralic Taurus amp (not mine, unfortunately) and the result is fantastic, I could I stay with this rig for a looong time. Although I cannot compare with my DAC19 as I am using it with other amp and balanced outputs, sound feature is quite similar, detailed but natural, musical but not too coloured for my taste. The detail and  timbrics are amazing, realistic and becomes into an addictive sound. Soundstage, at least...
thanks a lot .Sup!
btw .Sup, I 've seen you pair your ref5 with an spl auditor, do they pair well?  in my case will be a phonitor and senn hd800 too...
That's it, I got mine from Audio gd (V5) early this year, I can't be more pleased with it, but I went for 5.2 as I 've got recently a balanced amp.
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