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I am selling a mint condition iusb, first owner with original packagings, bought from authorized dealer in France.   More info here   Shipping and pp fees on buyer   Thanks for looking   SOLD!!!
I am selling  this great price/performance usb-spdif interface M2tech Hiface TWO RCA and a power supply ifi iUSB,  I am  the only owner with original packagings, mint condition.   To complete as a full kit I include a supra trico coaxial cable (1 meter) for free, shipping and pp fees on buyer   Thanks for looking
Bought February this year, like new, with original box.   find extra information here and a review of old model   Europe preferred, shipping and paypal fees not included   thanks
Hi, for sell a pair of GS1000i in mint condition, with original box and accesories,   Shipping and paypal fee not included   PM me for any question   thanks
Icon Audio HP8 MKII, Signature edition version, wonderful pair with LCD-2
Thanks for the interest, the amp is sold.   Apologizes  if being late answering or missing some pm, I was on travelling due job   Cheers
Selling this great amp, an Auralic Taurus arrived and unfortunately not allowed to keep them both. The amp is in mint condition and working perfectly.   Some tweaks added like audiophile AHP fuse.   Priority selling in Europe, paypal fees and shipping not included in Price     Thanks for reading
pm sent
OK! no problem, your question was useful to remind me I am still pending to test the hiface2 with asio
surely native ASIO is better than ASIO4ALL which is the solution for devices which have not native ASIO.   For the rest, there are a lot of oppinions, and I guess maybe depends on the device too.   The best is own testing, actually is quite easy, is just downloading 3 components (for asio, ks or wasapi)  and change the output in the player configuration. Foobar has got recently new version of wasapi component (3.0), if I remember well, ASIO is a little bit older...
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