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Hey CEE TEE,I wasn't sure what a hermes scarf was so i had to google it. I'm thinking i should have asked for the RS1's !!! Those scarves aren't cheap!!!
I started out with the igrados 'bout a year ago as an alternative to in ears. Two months after that i got the SR80i's. Last week my wife bought me RS2i's as a gift !!! I love my grados... er umm... i love my wife !!!
Just some quick pics with the phone camera!!I have been thiking of getting a small tube amp for the RS2's to take with me as i work away from home a week or so at a time, but the more i use the little decware zh-1 portable with these Grados, the more i'm liking the combo I adjusted the internal gain switch to high, which makes a bit of difference, and i like the crossfeed setting on this amp. It works well with all my headphones and in ears also, which are all lower...
Thank you for the replies!!  I will research  the Little Dots.  It seems that amplifier  /  headphone matching is not as easy as just picking any ol' amp, and seems many amps are a better match for the higher impedance 'phones.  From what i have been reading, the output transfomerless type amps are better suited to higher impedance.  Maybe i shouldn't get so hung up on getting a tube amp, apparently the Schiit Asgard is a good match for lower impedance headphones. I...
RS2i  Serial # 7591     Also a birthday gift!! Enjoying them  with my Cary SLI 80 and  Decware ZH-1 portable  
I have been doin' some reading here, and am considering the Musical Paradise MP-301 Mk.2  based on price and size.  Tube rolling with this amp looks promising also. I will read what ever threads i can find here about this amp, but  would appreciate any feedback from folks who have experience with this, and what phones you are using with it,  especially Grados.    Thanks...
Howdy: This is my first post here, and i am looking for some recommendations for a small tube amp.  I work away from home and would like to get a small, decent tube headphone amp that i can take with me. I recently bought  some Grado RS2i's, but find my portable Decware ZH-1, although sufficient, somewhat lacking.  I would look to spend  around 3-400.00    Any ideas??
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