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Thanks. By not VG, you mean below average or merely 'decent'?
Quick question, how do the KC06 and KC06A compare?   Also, what's the consensus on the build quality and isolation on these IEMs? Considering them as a Christmas gift to a friend.
   Thanks for the suggestions. The Ostry is out because of the isolation, yes. Heard about QC issues with the TTPOD, so that's not a serious contender to me. I'll look closer at the Fidue A63, though, thank you for that suggestions. I've used the E10 and wasn't very impressed at all, but the RE300H could be just the ticket, if the build quality sufficiently convinces me. Time to head over to its thread. Any opinions on how the SteelSeries Flux IEM (not the Flux Pro) fits...
Hello ljokerl and everyone else on this thread,   I'm looking to gift a friend a pair of IEMs for her birthday. I have a budget of about 50 USD. Criteria are:   Fairly balanced sound, or a 'warm and smooth' signature, without losing much treble presence and air. Don't want something V-shaped. Something balanced and with good presence across the frequency range, without being too exaggerated in any area. Should not have an anaemic low-end, but shouldn't be bloated or...
 Yeah, that is clear from the website. I was wondering if HiFiMan possible revised the tuning of the driver itself though, because there seem to be some wildly contrasting descriptions of the top-end of the IEM.
I'm very curious about this now - do we know if HiFiMan revised the tuning of the RE-600?
 Thanks for the recommendations, but the DN-2000 is out of my budget, and the DN-1000, from all reports, will be too V-shaped for my tastes. What I'm looking for is neutral with a gentle, but controlled shelf boost in the mid-bass and below, to help the IEM sound more natural in its delivery of the low-end. For comparison, I auditioned the RE-400 briefly, and felt that the mid-bass boost was welcome, but the top-end was definitely noticeably south of neutral.
Okay, that doesn't sound very good. I'm a bit tempted by this Black Friday deal on the RE-600, but the probably more laid-back treble (than the RE-400, which to my ears is already a bit laid-back) and HiFiMan's poor cables are making me hold back.   Not to derail the thread, but is there anything in the 200 dollar range like an RE-400/600 without the lowered treble presence and slightly darker than neutral sound, and also with solid extension on both ends?
Related question, does the RE-600 have similar build issues as the RE-400?
Rin definitely doesn't sound very positive in his comparison of the RE-600 to the 400, there.
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