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 Sorry, my previous post had a typo. I meant there's NO sign that what I got wasn't an original Neutrik plug. It has the Neutrik logo embossed on the metal body, and also, the person who supplied the materials and did the soldering for me is the owner of a fairly reputed pro audio dealership, so I have no doubts about the authenticity of the plug.
 The jack alone cost approximately 5 US dollars, which would strike me as what one would expect of a single original Neutrik plug? And there's sign that what I've got is not the actual Neutrik plug.
 Yes, but why do you say the jack on my VSD3S is not an original Neutrik?
 What did you mean by "2nd grade"?  No deterioration, something of that sort would only really happen with a really poor soldering job, corroded components or a messed up wiring, to my knowledge.
'Jerry' did mention that the job confused him at first, because he's used to (paraphrasing his words now) "a three-wire setup, not five". But he managed it nonetheless.
I actually don't miss the GR07 MkII all that much, after I got the VSD3S. With some EQing (mainly a dip in the mid-bass and a bit of a push in the upper midrange), the VSD3S sounds even better than the GR07 MkII sounded to me, particularly in terms of realistic weight of percussion and bass instruments.
   I got this done at 'Electronic Emporium', off Lamington Road, on the first floor of a building called Vijay Chambers, opposite 'Dreamland Cinema'. The guy's name is Jerry. The jack is a Neutrik that he has in store. I lost my GR07 MkII somewhere on tour somewhere in India. I don't even remember where, but I left it on a bus, IIRC.
So I got the dead jack on my VSD3S replaced with a beefy, all-metal Neutrik jack, with a thick, soft and flexible rubber strain relief that flexes very compliantly with tugs of the cable at various angles. Very confidence-inspiring.   Total cost, for the jack itself and the repairer's labour charges, was 350 Indian Rupees, which equates to roughly 5 US dollars. Wonder how much it would really cost VSonic to just supply a better jack stock with the VSD3S. The...
It's the strain relief on those straight jacks. There's very little stopping the cable from being pulled out with sufficient force, and the rigors of daily use will definitely eventually lead to a loosening of the cable joint, or some fraying of the cable itself.   I'm going to try to re-jack my VSD3S. I've done it on other IEMs before, going with heavier-duty, more relieved jacks.
My 2 month old VSD3S (with the fixed silver cable) started dropping audio today, at the jack. Have to bend the cable sharply downwards from the mouth of the jack, in order to get output in both earpieces.   I knew from the moment I unboxed the IEM that the jack strain relief was going to give me trouble soon.   I hate straight jacks, especially poorly relieved ones like the VSD3S.
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