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This is what I worry about. And I'm in India, so that makes returns of refunds just more impractical.
Thanks for the replies, guys. I'm mostly concerned about the fit in the ear staying secure, since it's a shallow fit IEM and is worn primarily cable down. The housings look rather large, and the way they're to be positioned against the outer ear makes me worry that they just might not fit me right, or be unstable and not seal and isolate consistently. @peter123, I don't have much experience with foam tips, but I don't think I'd mind. Is the isolation good enough for...
I'm THIS close to buying the CKR9 LTD from that eBay link, the price is so good and the sound should be very close to what I'm always looking for.  I'm only now very concerned about the fit and isolation, particularly the fit. I've read about several people selling it or just not liking it because of the fit, and the fact that they're more or less meant to be worn cable-down.   Any feedback about the fit here? For reference, I previously used the VSonic VSD3S with no...
 I can only think in terms of my experience with previous IEMs I've owned, so I'd say about the level of a VSonic VSD3S or GR07 would be good enough. I use IEMs mostly while travelling, so that's transport like trains, buses and cars in city traffic, and with sufficiently loud music, airplanes. Also, how reliable is the fit? I'm very worried about buying these and then finding that they don't fit me securely or deeply enough.
 I was quite excited about the CKR9/CKR9 LTD, but now I'm feeling unsure about the fit and isolation. Several people around the forum have remarked that it's hit or miss, and I'm not in a position or location where returns would be easy.
I've considered the DBA-02 on and off for years, in fact. It's always been the fear of lacking realistic, natural weight and body in the bottom end that I've been worried about.
 I did in fact find the VSD3S a bit excessive in the low-end, and EQd my player accordingly, with a gentle dip in the mid-bass mostly. I'm worried that the IM02 might fall too far towards 'lacking body/weight/fullness' of sound, which to me is not a sign of a truly neutral IEM or headphone.
 The Soundmagic E80 is indeed on my shortlist - it's affordable, and seems to be very well-received. But I'm a little worried that it might be on the bass-light side. I have a pet peeve about IEMs that are described as sounding 'neutral' but also 'lacking body or fullness' in the low-end. What do you think about the E80's low-end presence and quality? Also, I owned an E30 several years ago, and found the top-end a bit too laid-back and lacking some extension. How does the...
 Thanks for your reply, joker. I should clarify, I am NOT looking for something that necessarily resembles the VSD3S, at all. I was just using it as my most familiar/recent IEM reference point, sonically. Essentially, the main thing I didn't like about the VSD3S was the midrange recession/V-shaped profile, and also the slightly overbearing low-end, from time to time. Do you have any more recommendations now? I'll look at the IM02, thanks.
 That's great, do you have any experience with the CKR9 LTD? I'm interested in the more neutral (but not bass-light or thin-bodied) of the two.
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