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Optical cable makes the SE Master 1 sound more than good. Have been using optical out of my computer to the BMC pre/Dac and it blows the USB connection for musicality and definitely my preference.   Also, the  polished glass Toslink cable sounds the best.
Now available on Pre-order at T Mobile for $769 with all kinds of free goodies.
​Like I said they replaced mine under warranty with a new one and there were no issues except that I had to ship it back to Japan.
​If the pin is on the cable, why not try a replacement cable and see if it works. I had a similar issue but it had to do with the connector inside the HPs. Swap the left side of the cable with the right and see if the left side has sound. That should tell you whether its the cable or the HPs.
$799 for the unlocked V20 @ B&H
And from T-Mobile   Bellevue, Washington — October 6, 2016 — This is how LG and the Un-carrier do it in October - Big. T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) today announced the new LG V20™ will be arriving at the Un-carrier on October 28th, so you can get LG’s latest flagship as it was meant to be experienced – without limits on the fastest LTE network in America. Plus, the LG V20™ is the first phone to run on T-Mobile’s new LTE AWS-3 spectrum (aka Band 66)!   The LG V20™ is even more...
AT&T pricing the V20 at $830. LOL   Pre-orders starting tomorrow, Oct7.
Hasn't the reviewer gotten mixed up on the crosstalk figures?    The crosstalk specs as stated of AK240 at -90db easily betters the V20 @ -71db.
I was under the impression that the V20 did not have an amp (separate or integrated) but that the HP's are powered by the current/voltage that the DAC chip puts out. The V10 is a totally different beast as it has a separate dedicated amp circuit to drive the HPs.
Unfortunately, the VG20 has only a single mono speaker.
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