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I do not think Woo will have good synergy with the Master-1. Something like a Cavalli  will work much better.
Impressions Thread. Please post your impressions in the following thread.
Looks like everyone had a great time. Balderon, the official photographer will post the pics. Thanks for bring the tube tester and for providing much needed info on the Eddie Current BA and it's tubes.   Guys, please post your impressions here.
See ya guys in a little bit.   Hopefully, Madmusicjunkie, your issue with the car gets resolved and maybe you can make it a bit later.
That is some strong statement. Now I miss my HE-6s. At least we are getting a plethora of different impressions instead of the usual.
The MZOTL has probably the best soundstage (that I have listened to) in a HP amp.
I am OK for  source for my rigs but may not be able to share my notebook with cskippy. But I can always daisy chain by using the pre-outs but you will be stuck with my music.
We already have 7 rigs and if we have more it might become too crowded and noisy.   I think we definitely need more laptops so if you have one you should bring it. I have only one and since I got the MZotl in I have two rigs but one source. Don't really want to get my Wadia transport out of storage, though thinking about it.
Sure. But we do not have any more room for systems but you can bring your HPs. Please PM me your names.
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