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It makes no sense to have the KT88 and 300B in the same circuit. Could it be that they have different switchable circuits?   There should be no discernible SQ difference between a S/N of 85db or 115db.
Also says it uses 300B tubes.
Not only I have heard TH900- I own one so that statement is as fallacious as the rest. The bass overtakes the mid-range in the TH900 if not amped properly (synergy)  in a system- the reason  why  quite a few people find the mid range recessive and too much bass. Not me and not in my system- while being driven by a tube amp with low impedance output. It definitely sounds way north of neutral than the Master1. A closed headphone like the TH900 cannot have as  spacious a...
The TH900 and the SE-Master1 have little in common.   The TH900 are romantically lush sounding, no truth here (re the original sound); while the Master1 is voiced like a studio monitor-neutral and true to the recording with good body and bass. Very balanced.
What is the length of the cardas cable?
Price reduced. Need to sell this.
Mint Fostex HP A8 DAC/Headphone amp for sale.  Since I am now using the $6000 BMC DAC in my system I am no longer using the Fostex. Great synergy with Fostex TH900s. The voltage is set at 120V internally.
Are these sold?
Not really if you are talking about the new DHSA.
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