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It's what I expected from ALO. Thanks Ken.  If one addresses the concerns, no apologies needed!
I think Campfire should automatically refund the difference in price for all pre-orders for the NOVA. That would be a sure sign that they support the early adopters who had faith in their product. 
Not good for people who pre-ordered. Probably my first time and last time dealing with ALO. Just the principle of it. I think it is patently dishonest. I am returning mine when I get it.
Maybe an AZ meet is in order!
Wow! That is quite a strong statement to make and to come to a conclusion after  listening to the NOVA for only 5 seconds. 
 Pioneer SE-Master1 closed headphone version from the Tokyo show. (Credit Anakchan)        
Same here for me for the NOVA. Here's hoping the NOVA is more neutral though I do not mind an emphasis on the vocals.   I had chatted earlier today on the Campfire site and they said it is going to be shipping very  soon.
It looks like Andromeda has a distinctive sound that is not neutral (that of a reference monitor) but sounds good. Maybe somebody with knowledge of Japanese might be willing to do a better translation than Google.
Do I see the color (a touch of gold)  as different from the standard (grey)  Nova in the USA?  This looks definitely yummier.
Thanks. Snagged it.
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