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You need to turn the EQ to OFF. That should fix the above.
Does the glass screen protector only cover the glass area or it overlays on top of the whole unit?
Anybody using a glass protector on the Onkyo?   And do you really need one?
Just got mine.   I must say the form factor is a bit awkward after coming from a Sony ZX2 that I had for a few days. I hope the SQ and the UI makes up for it.
af·fect1 əˈfekt/ verb   have an effect on; make a difference to     Correction: Sound can be affected both negatively and positively by different components. 
Thanks guys, that was very informative.    I will first try out the 3.5 mm jack and see how it sounds and then go on from there.
I am getting the Onkyo DAP in the next few days. Just wondering how big a problem is there with the 2.5mm balanced jack. Is it sturdy enough to be used on a daily basis during walking/jogging while it's in your pocket?   I see there are no 90 deg jacks available to take the stress off.
I have a brand new, never used  Sony Dock BCR-NWH10 from Japan. I will include a used SONY  WMC-NWH10 USB Conversion Cable with it.   I will pay the shipping if you PP Gift or PP fees apply.
I have a brand new dock/cradle - the SONY Walkman Cradle BCR-NWH10  for the ZX2 if any body is interested.   And a used Sony WMC-NWH10 USB Conversion Cable for Hi Res Audio Output
I got balled by the review. I was wet and tears were streeming down my face. I make a mistake. I should have bought the Andromeda over the Nova. Now that I hear thumping sound out of Nova.
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