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Hasn't the reviewer gotten mixed up on the crosstalk figures?    The crosstalk specs as stated of AK240 at -90db easily betters the V20 @ -71db.
I was under the impression that the V20 did not have an amp (separate or integrated) but that the HP's are powered by the current/voltage that the DAC chip puts out. The V10 is a totally different beast as it has a separate dedicated amp circuit to drive the HPs.
Unfortunately, the VG20 has only a single mono speaker.
The V20 with the B&O tuning will have a B&O logo next to the power button on the back.   You need to see the V20 drop test on You tube. Quite amazing.
I have read most if not all the reviews and nowhere any of the reviewers actually say that they have heard the V20 with HPs. They do go into technical details about the Quad DAC and how good it will (could) sound but no first hand impressions of the sound. Looks like the B&O tuning won't be on the USA bound phones. It's not clear if the B&O A3 will be offered as an introductory promo package in the USA. There are some hints that it might be for a short time. Also me...
I had fun  meeting all the folks at the meet. As usual, I got to listen to a lot of gear and it saved me a lot of money that I might have spent without an audition of the equipment.   I liked the Schitt stuff mainly and the Torpedo. Woo Audio sounded good with my headphones. Was disappointed how bad the SE-1 sounded on Craig's amps. I guess it's all about synergy.
I do not see any single malt there! 
Hilarious! It keeps on getting better by the minute!   The slogan for Apple’s new iPhone 7 translates into “This is penis” in Hong Kong.   http://qz.com/777628/the-slogan-for-apples-aapl-new-iphone-7-translates-into-this-is-penis-in-hong-kong/
I broke down and upgraded my wife's phone to the IPhone 7. The deal was too good at T-Mobile with a savings of $400 with a trade-in of her 5s. She does not ever listen to music on it so it was a no brainer.   As for me I am would never ever get one, thanks to ITunes and now the dinky dongle for wired headphones..
Obviously, for a reason. It might be that LG thinks that Americans might not like the sound signature of the B&O tuning. Personally, I am no fan of it.
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