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The full album of Doppelganger by The Fall of Troy is my go-to reference for new headphones/amps/etc. It's not a pinnacle of mastering, but it has the exact type of organic, highly-complex guitar and drum passages I need to be fully represented by a listening device.
Is there something specific it sounds like, so I can listen for it?
What real-world implications does this have -- those within the range of human hearing?
Etymotic uses the "deep fit" ploy as a way to advertise attenuation. It has little to do with quality gained (yes, even with all the 2nd bend information). An ER4/HF5/MC5 are poor options for shallow fit, because then you have inch-long dowels sticking out of your ears that are prone to falling out, losing seal, and just plain looking dumb.   The ER6 series, on the other hand, is an excellent candidate for shallow fit and works great with foams and single-flange tips like...
Phonak is out of business for IEMs anyway; and the used market is thriving  very easy to find an ER6i.
I think we're all missing the obvious choice -- ER6i with any shallow tip. Slimmer profile than 50% of IEMs out there. Sounds almost exactly like the ER4.
+12dB on anything is not very good.
There is absolutely positively no point in turning off anything before plugging in or out a pair of headphones to anything like a computer, phone, tablet, mp3 player, etc. The only time it could be relevant at all is with a very high-gain amplifier that outputs so much current and is set to such a high level that it could cause distortion in high-sensitivity headphones. None of that exists in any common digital device.
Hi all! Selling my pair of HE-400 as I have my sights set on the HE-500. They are in 8/10 condition with nothing remarkable. Lettering is still intact, everything is in great overall shape but the original flimsy paper box. All the original accessories, and the pair of Pleather pads, are included. These HE-400 have also had the cloth cover removed to open up the sound.   Very firm asking price PayPal gift, or add 4% Insured Priority Mail 2-4 day shipping...
About $30 off retail, won't go lower!
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