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I got the M9 MKII a couple days ago, very quick arrival from Meelec. Sadly, the left earpiece has very bad driver flex and it actually makes the IEM unsuable. I have not yet contacted them though I'm sure it will go smoothly.
HF2/3/5 all have the same drivers and sound - the difference lies in their remote/mic options.   I think the HF5 is a perfect choice for you. I have listened to the Grado 225i and Shure SE215 for a few weeks each, and used to have the HF5 for years before I upgraded to the ER4S. The 225i and SE215 are definitely in the same 'class' of sound signature as the HF5: detailed and fairly neutral. However, the 225i had a little too much treble energy for me, and the bass rolled...   Top-class audio quality and high impedance so that it cannot exceed unsafe listening levels (likely around 90-100dB) without a powerful dedicated amplifier. Super comfy with foam, too.
I feel like I'm taking crazy pills... that DAP looks like a monstrosity...
I have a pair of fantastic beyerdynamic DT880, 250ohm version, for sale. It was purchased just a few months ago brand new, and is in the same condition as the day it was bought. Sound is incredible, especially out of a good amplifier. It comes with the original box and all accessories. It is the same as buying new except it's cheaper and doesn't have a warranty.   Shipping costs are included in the USA. Payment by PayPal gift or add 4% for regular payment. No shipping...
Selling a Tenore in great condition. No TTS, not too bassy (IMO), no cable wear, etc. Perfect sound quality. Comes with the original box and pouch, most original eartips, and a pair of Sony MH1 tips that I found to work the best. No other accessories are included.   Shipping is included to the USA. Pay with PayPal gift or add 4% for fees. Shipping worldwide is an option but generally starts at $25+. Thanks!
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