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Comes with everything you see. Shipping and PayPal fees included in price above to anywhere in the USA. Thanks!
 Your FiiO X5 II will be more than enough to power the ER4S, easily. There is even a high gain mode for the FiiO if you feel unsure.
 It's going to be a big deal for you, trust me.
 I own a China XB90EX and the bass is killer. Never heard a Japan one but I can't imagine it sounding much better for the price, if any different at all, as the Chinese XB90EX's bass is easily top-tier.
Selling my full-size headphones that don't get enough use. Pictures upon request to interested parties.   PSB M4U 1 Beautiful "room sound" technology, dual cable ports, carry case, foldable, comfortable The perfect travel full-size headphone Includes original box and all accessories       All prices include PayPal fees and shipping to the USA. Thanks!
 Aliexpress isn't random, they're like Amazon for other parts of the world. Many smaller companies in Asia premier their products there.
As stated in title. I have a Singolo and Doppio available for sale. The Singolo is $30 and the Doppio is $75. Free shipping in the USA. Both come with the original box, though in slightly worn condition. They will come with as many original accessories as I can find, at least some tips. Payment by PayPal gift/personal, or add 3% for regular payment. Thanks!
As listed in title! Works great, sounds great, just pairing down. Kickstarter #371 if that matters to anyone. Free shipping anywhere in the USA. PayPal gift/personal, or add 3% for a regular payment. Thanks!
 I haven't heard the Westone 3 personally, but the RE-600 do have a very nice blooming organic bass sound that really involves you with the music. It doesn't dip super low, maybe down to 55-65hz with good impact, but it gives a great "live" feeling to music.
 Not for over a year.
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