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InCase Pivot. Sounds like the SR80i at around $20.
If it's four pairs in a row, I can guarantee you they're either sending the same one over and over, or the problem lies in your ears/equipment. 
UE700 is often $79 on sale, and $120 or so new on eBay/Amazon. It still doesn't compare favorably to the Etymotic HF5 imo.
Echoing these great recommendations.
KRK KNS 6400 are more tonally balanced than the 8400, which have a frequency spike around 9-11kHz. I would recommend starting with the 6400 first, as they're only around $70 used (sometimes even new). I had them for a long time and strongly recommend them for a balanced, flat signature and excellent build quality.
I have personal experience in speech therapy/pathology and secondary language support, so I'm going to have to remain fast on my original point. The same areas of your brain are used as in learning a new dialect, accent, or language -- anything is possible if you work on it.   If you still doubt me, think on people who can do multiple impressions or impersonations of others, usually famous people, with ease. It is not some natural talent, but born out of practice and the...
Changing your speech and inflections as an adult is the same thing as learning another (fairly simple) language. It's difficult, sure, but can certainly be done. Most people never find the need to speak more clearly in common social interactions, but I personally would be ashamed and change it for myself.
The worst part is, the reviewer has no problem making somewhat salient points about build quality and overall value later in the video, but he says he's been buying headphones for 32 years, which I would take to mean he's at least 42 years old. I would be ashamed if I spoke like that at 42.
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