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Selling a silver iPod Nano 7G (latest model) 16GB with a working and recognized aftermarket cable. The functionality of the iPod is perfect in every way including the touch screen. However, there are a few small rows of dead pixels, taking up about 1-2% of the screen. They don't have anything to do with the digitizer/touch recognition and the iPod has never been dropped.   Send me PMs with interest. No trades for this item, cash only. Shipping and PayPal are included for...
Selling a beautiful amplifier and source device combo. The iPod Nano 7G is almost exactly the same height as the NX1 and fits on it perfectly with the included rubber band. Lots and lots of amplification power and the battery in both devices last weeks, not days. Really fantastic pieces of equipment that I just don't use enough.   The Topping NX1 is in near-new condition with no signs of wear and the original box included. The iPod Nano is in gently used condition, but...
I got the M9 MKII a couple days ago, very quick arrival from Meelec. Sadly, the left earpiece has very bad driver flex and it actually makes the IEM unsuable. I have not yet contacted them though I'm sure it will go smoothly.
HF2/3/5 all have the same drivers and sound - the difference lies in their remote/mic options.   I think the HF5 is a perfect choice for you. I have listened to the Grado 225i and Shure SE215 for a few weeks each, and used to have the HF5 for years before I upgraded to the ER4S. The 225i and SE215 are definitely in the same 'class' of sound signature as the HF5: detailed and fairly neutral. However, the 225i had a little too much treble energy for me, and the bass rolled...   Top-class audio quality and high impedance so that it cannot exceed unsafe listening levels (likely around 90-100dB) without a powerful dedicated amplifier. Super comfy with foam, too.
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