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 Oh, woops, I didn't even see that lowercase a for the XBA-A3 model number in the post I quoted. I was actually talking the whole time about the XBA-3/30. Also, the EX600 I had definitely didn't lack on clarity. I actually have no good reason why I sold it, it was perfect for the price I paid (about $125). This was over 2 years ago and I guess I didn't know any better
 Probably not better than the Altone based on reviews, and definitely not better than the UE900. I had one for a few months and it was very fun but only worth about the $75-100 asking price. AndroidVegeta, I feel the DN-2000 is also a good place to start, but haven't gotten one yet. I had the EX600 for a few months and it's said to be similar to the EX1000 just not as refined, and I thought the EX600 was world class. Also a good contender. Many members are describing them as some of the best earphones they've ever heard. Lifetime warranty, solid metal housings, waterproof, the whole nine yards.
 Yeah, the Aurisonics Rockets. Seriously. They're $249 unfortunately, but are exactly what you just described.
Great way to get a nice flat-sounding balanced armature IEM at a rock-bottom price. Price includes shipping anywhere in the USA and associated PayPal fees. I'll include some extra Hybrid tips and other tip goodies so you can ensure a good fit. There is no remote on this model. Send me a PM to buy or ask any questions you may have. Cheers!
Selling my Sansa Clip+ I don't use now that I have an iBasso DX50. It works perfectly. It's the 8GB capacity. I can ship either with stock firmware, or with dual-boot with Rockbox, totally up to you. Price includes shipping to anywhere in the United States, and also includes PayPal fees. Send me a PM to purchase or ask questions. Cheers!
Welcome all, I'm selling my pair of Etymotic HF5 that I don't use anymore. I'm including the original Etymotic tips, and 3 pairs of Westone True-Fit silicone tips, which have even better performance IMO. I'm also including an Etymotic 75ohm adapter that, much like adapting an ER4P with it to make it an ER4S, will even out the signature of the HF5 and make the bass go a little lower, and the treble a little sparklier. The HF5 product does not have any buttons, like for...
I am very interested in the PM-2 loaner program. I'm keen to buy them depending on performance. I'm in the USA, east coast, and agree with terms/conditions.
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