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 Correct, Flux is like an inverted HF5. Similar detail, similar shape, similar fit, similar overall sound; but where the HF5 have slightly recessed bass and highs, the Flux have slightly forward bass and highs. I personally prefer the Flux for most music.
 I have both the Flux and the VSD1S. They're very different, and both are excellent. The VSD1S has more recessed (but still clean) treble, a slightly wider sound stage, more bass (still clean and not muddy), and very smooth and detailed mids. The Flux has more treble detail (while still not harsh or sibilant), still a very wide sound stage (just not up to Vsonic's), a slightly recessed midrange, and a slight V-shape signature even though the bass hits a bit "lightly". If...
Selling a Shure SE215 in excellent used condition. Includes the box, tips, pouch, and other accessories with a new purchase. Shipping only to USA for this headphone. No PayPal or shipping fees for this headphone. Send me a PM for the next step!
Etymotic HF5 is low on bass smack, but the greatest at isolation at your price range. Around $90.   TDK BA200 has robust bass and a more comfortable fit, and isolation is OK but not great. Around $110   Yamaha EPH-100 has incredible bass that will pound your head, and isolation is good, but it can be up to $130 or so new - look around for a deal.
 They could win the $1,000,000 Randi Prize if so - I doubt they'd spend their time saving a few dollars on a headphone with their powers.
This is kind of a silly question. You've already waited a while, just wait some more. In a week you'll have your decision made for you.
You can always shop for closed-type, circumaural full sized headphones. Something like Incase Sonic comes to mind.
The crackling is just the sound of the needle picking up scratches or other defects on the record surface. They become a permanent part of the music in vinyl rips and any codec will retain them unless it completely destroys all the rest of the musical information.   Vinyl rips are great for a warm feeling and high dynamic range, but they're nowhere near as clean as digital recordings because of issues inherent in their playback.
Well, 2 of those members are banned I believe....
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