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 You know, I actually had the PFE-232 a while ago. See, basically, bad treble can be either "low quality" or "too strong", or both. The PFE-232 had absolutely, positively BEAUTIFUL quality treble with amazing extension and clarity. The problem that lead me to selling them, though, is even with the least-treble filter screwed in, the treble was still too strong for me and dominated the rest of the spectrum (except for the slamming, awesome bass). That overly-strong treble,...
 Agreed 100%
 I really appreciate the review and impressions! It actually cements my choice perfectly -- the green FLC8s filter is the only filter out of all possible combinations that I cannot stand. The treble is just way too shrill and harsh for me. If that's how you felt most comfortable with the FLC8s, because it got you closest to the DN2KJ, I know for sure at the very least my ears and tastes are different enough to know I'd be very disappointed with the DN2KJ.
 How is that different from what I mentioned? Do you mean going from single-sheath cable to dual then to dual-twisted for each earpiece? My post only mentioned colors. I know they went through this progression as well as multiple revisions of the 3.5mm plug, and revisions of the packaging/case... all of that is minor stuff compared to the obvious color differences that I was talking about.
 What did they look like before?
 That's the original ER4 cable that was used by Etymotic for 15+ years. They only recently (2012 I think) changed it to all-black.  I have a 100ohm adaptor, I don't notice a difference from the 75ohm that I also have. PM me if you're interested.
 Do you have the FLC8S? I'm specifically talking about how they're not source-dependent and easy to drive, in relation to his question. I didn't say anything about the X3ii and DX80 having the same features/marketing appeal.
Very interested. I've always been pleasantly surprised by Meelec's price/performance ratio, but I've only ever listened to their IEMs and headphones below $50. I wonder if they can tackle the mid-range bracket...
 In my professional amateur opinion, there's no way you will notice a significant difference between those two top midrange players and the FLC8S. I personally own and use the X3ii every day with my FLC8s and it has fantastic slam and texture.
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