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I've had experience with both. The XBA-1 is mostly good, detailed mids, with some slight bass punch. MH1C are V-shaped with very punchy bass (but not muddy) and slightly more treble than midrange. The MH1C has vastly larger sound stage. I prefer the fit of the XBA-1.
If your hearing is sensitive enough, yes it's possible. I had it happen with a few open cans of mine, usually those with larger diaphragms. 
Hey, congrats, you made a headphone/wireless radio combo! 
Are you in the USA? If so, pick up a distressed packaging Etymotic HF3 from for under $70. It's the best single-armature (and better than most dual-armatures) headphone you'll get anywhere for under $150.
I vote for this one if your budget is around $10, even over the Monoprice. The Monoprice sound slightly better, though with less bass; but the comfort of the Philips is far superior, and they're barely visible once in your ear and you can sleep with them in. Better cable on the Philips too.
A) Not a discount worth mentioning B) Plus $8 or more shipping C) Not from Amazon
Es o él di!
Hello everyone! Up for sale is a pair of official Mr Speakers 'Mad Dog' headphones with leather comfort strap. They come with the deep and extremely comfortable Alpha Pads, as well as an original pair of Fostex new-style T50RP pleather pads that are almost as comfy and offer a different, mid-forward signature so you can try both. Note they are not the Shure SRH-840 pads that are offered by Mr Speakers. Also included is the original box and soft pouch, and a grey V-moda...
The headphones in question are factually called "Mad Dogs". They are by a member here whose user name is "Mr Speakers". They might be mistakenly called "Alpha ____" because of the option to have custom-made 'Alpha Dog' Earphone Pads installed on them. I can't imagine why anyone would call them "Darth ____", or anything else.
Yes, of course it means the same thing. However, fans and AC units are both at lower volumes and generally audible and used for shorter periods of time than the theoretical uninterrupted stream of quiet music for 10+ hours.   EDIT: I should also clarify I'm talking about it causing mild hearing damage/loss of frequency perception in general, and not as a cause of tinnitus, which may be confusing some.
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