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Very, very quick impressions (literally 20 minutes of listening time). I will expand / correct / reinforce / elaborate at a later point.   Bass Light Bass Heavy |--------o--|----------| No Subbass Good Subbass |-----------|----o-----| Mids Light Mids Heavy |----------o|----------| Treble Light Treble Heavy |-----------|--o-------| Low Detail High Detail |-----------|-------o--| Very Smooth Sibilant |-----------|---o------| Narrow Stage Wide...
My pair was just delivered today at home, I'll be giving my impressions later tonight.
 Uh, what? That's the entire point of a forum like this. Express yourself freely.
Well I bit, should have a summary review up in a week or so.
Price includes shipping and PayPal to USA. Will ship worldwide at additional cost. Yes, the 128gb microSD is verified genuine. Thanks!
 I owned the TF10 for an extensive period of time and the only IEM I've found (from listening to hundreds) that mimics the TF10 in its presentation and signature is the Fidue A83. In some ways they're better, in some ways not, but overall quite similar to what I remember.
 Tonality is great, very liquid, not hollow at all. It's actually a very impressive IEM. It's sufficiently different enough from, but competes with, my FLC8s in a lot of ways.
I'll take a B cable. Feel free to PM me for any info, I'm good for it.
The only IEM that I've ever heard that has those same sparkly bubbly highs like the TF10 is the Fidue A83. I've owned both and the fidue sounds like a refined version of the TF10. You should look into them.
 Actually with the rate of advancement in the 30 years that IEMs have been a product versus the rate of advancement in the 110+ years that autos have been a product, it's more akin to having a 1950s Cadillac and a repair shop not having the correct part... which is an extremely likely scenario. On top of that, a good 95% or more of that old Cadillac is not reliant on electrical components which are smaller, more intricate, more prone to damage, and advance in technology...
New Posts  All Forums: