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I'm selling 4 headphones that I absolutely love but don't find the time for.   Etymotic ER6 This is the original version with what some say are superior drivers comparable to the ER4. I would agree with this description. They come with as many new, unused Etymotic-original tips as I can find. Probably 1 or 2 pair. They come with the original soft case as well. Price is $80 shipped and PayPal'd in the USA.   Etymotic ER6i This is the updated version of this IEM...
 Import it. And do exceed 100 dollars. It's worth it. The other IEMs you're mentioning don't come close at all.
Just go a little higher and get the TDK BA200 at about $129. It is over the ear, Y-split, flat tangle-free cable, warm+sweet, excellent isolation, excellent sound stage, airy, fairly well built, and very detailed.
There is no such thing as 'the best ever made', not even at $2500. It all depends on what your qualifications are in what you're looking for.   Etymotic ER4 are easily one of the best IEMs ever made for a flat, reference-quality sound signature and are only $200 or so.
I've had experience with both. The XBA-1 is mostly good, detailed mids, with some slight bass punch. MH1C are V-shaped with very punchy bass (but not muddy) and slightly more treble than midrange. The MH1C has vastly larger sound stage. I prefer the fit of the XBA-1.
If your hearing is sensitive enough, yes it's possible. I had it happen with a few open cans of mine, usually those with larger diaphragms. 
Hey, congrats, you made a headphone/wireless radio combo! 
Are you in the USA? If so, pick up a distressed packaging Etymotic HF3 from for under $70. It's the best single-armature (and better than most dual-armatures) headphone you'll get anywhere for under $150.
I vote for this one if your budget is around $10, even over the Monoprice. The Monoprice sound slightly better, though with less bass; but the comfort of the Philips is far superior, and they're barely visible once in your ear and you can sleep with them in. Better cable on the Philips too.
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