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The headphones in question are factually called "Mad Dogs". They are by a member here whose user name is "Mr Speakers". They might be mistakenly called "Alpha ____" because of the option to have custom-made 'Alpha Dog' Earphone Pads installed on them. I can't imagine why anyone would call them "Darth ____", or anything else.
Yes, of course it means the same thing. However, fans and AC units are both at lower volumes and generally audible and used for shorter periods of time than the theoretical uninterrupted stream of quiet music for 10+ hours.   EDIT: I should also clarify I'm talking about it causing mild hearing damage/loss of frequency perception in general, and not as a cause of tinnitus, which may be confusing some.
It changes your perception of volume. You're right that 60db on the eardrum from 100 feet away is the same as 60db on the eardrum from 2 inches away, but you are less likely to perceive something nearby as being at the same volume.
It's an uninterrupted stream of acoustic energy. Ambient noise like speaking, cars, birds, etc are not uninterrupted. An uninterrupted session of TV, radio, etc will do the same kind of damage if close to the ear.
There is plenty of risk if the listening is uninterrupted for long terms. Even barely-audible whisper quiet music will affect hearing if listened to for 10+ hours.
I'm really sorry to hear all of this. I don't wish this fate on anyone. I've had the bottom line of my signature in there since day one, and I hope people take it to heart. It's more important than any equipment information I may include.
That is a bit misleading, because they are extremely hard to drive, and are a dynamic driver with much lower detail output than the HF/ER series, though having a slightly similar sound signature.
First off, love your name, been a fan since Seas of Cheese. But no, the 215 and 535 use entirely different drivers, technologies, tunings, casings, etc.
Author can't discern between "successor" and "predecessor", and I could easily tell the difference between my HF5 and ER4 when I had both...
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