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 They are much different and IMO (owning both) much better. The only place the RE600 might lack compared to the GR07 is treble forwardness (not detail or quality), and the GR07 can be sibilant at times as it is...
Burn in can fix anything, if you just believe~
 Pres "VOL" to go back/up a menu screen. You should get to the icon screen by pressing it a few times. "M" (possibly for Menu) is kind of only for the "now playing" screen.
It's weird, my RE600 have unbeatable treble extension, surpassing even my Etymotic ER4S and the RE-ZERO of yore. I can easily hear every treble detail that I've ever heard with any other 'phone, and then some. However, the treble itself sits a little bit behind the mids and bass as far as overall reproduced volume. All this means for me is a complete lack of sibilance without losing any brightness or detail... hard for me to find a negative with that.
Just chiming in to say I've listened to Rockets and RE600 and I would take the RE600 over the Rockets any day. They are, overall, somewhat similar in presentation, but the RE600 is more detailed everywhere except some specific vocals/guitars, the RE600 has a much nicer and more accurate sound staging, and the RE600 fits a lot better for me. I'm sure the Rockets win in build quality, but I haven't had issue with my RE600 yet. Pure sound quality wise, RE600 is a step above...
 Well I just realized something. It does read ID3 well enough, but sorts alphabetically by song title and you can't change that. It doesn't sort by track number. It DOES have a folder browse, but, there is no sorting there, it's totally random. I suspect it's sorted by filesystem write time. It's not alphabetical or by track number. Kind of frustrating... The bass isn't rolled off too much. The treble can be a little bit wishy washy and is a little more rolled off. I don't...
Well, I just got my X02 yesterday. Pretty impressed overall, especially for the price.   The biggest takeaway is that the battery life is ridiculous. I've had it going since I got it, at 3PM yesterday, playing non-stop, and it's still got 30% battery life left. That works out to somewhere around 40 hours or more of total battery life. Even my Sansa Clip was lucky if it could get 15 hours and that was the 'battery king' of yesteryear.   Another thing to note is that it...
Exactly! That's the placebo effect just as I alluded to. So you did have a look at that Wikipedia page after all, awesome :)  I love spreading knowledge of science!
Win what? I don't understand, was there some kind of competition?
So it doesn't at all? Okay, thanks for letting me know. Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? There should be some information about it on Wikipedia if you wanted to learn.
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