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 I wouldn't use water because it can short the electronics out and takes a long time to evaporate (especially inside small electronics) and could very well rust before evaporating. Alcohol is more astringent and capable of removing gunk and it evaporates thoroughly in minutes.
 I owned the Rockets for about 2 months. There's no comparison. Rockets are nice and detailed and have an inoffensive "smooth" signature, sure, but P1 are much more detailed, have real sub-bass presence, much greater treble extension, wider sound stage, and a lot better tracking of background instruments/microdetail where other IEMs would get hazy/busy sounding. The only thing Rocket might do better is their midrange and we're splitting hairs at that point.
Just chiming in to say the Steelseries Flux Pro is a GREAT sounding IEM! Was my favorite for a while with how detailed it was.
 Considering 2kJ > Titan 1, and considering many report FLC8S technically better than 2kJ, and considering I find P1 more revealing and detailed than FLC8S.... I wouldn't say so, no.
 The best way I can explain it is: ER4 is Etymotic's premier series, around $299. They offer higher detail retrieval, imaging, sound stage depth and width, etc., than any of their other IEM lines. In the ER4 line, there's: ER4P, which is the ER4 driver with no additional electronics, has a smooth mid-centric sound ER4S, which is the ER4 driver with added resistors, has a flat sound which Etymotic describes as "the most accurate" ER4B, which is the ER4 driver with added...
 That sounds like just about the worst thing you could do, I reckon. I can only imagine it pushing the wax deeper in, towards the driver. I would recommend soaking them in alcohol for a few minutes while swishing them around, then letting them sit near a heat source (not too hot to touch, though) for an hour or so. I definitely wouldn't use water.
Everyone's doing the 2BA + 1DD hybrid dance nowadays, and usually for under $350. Onkyo is going to have some serious competition to cut through if they hope to be worth anything close to $500. I'm also worried about a 6mm driver getting down below 50Hz like a 10/12mm driver easily can, but we'll have to wait and see.
 Get them re-shelled for about $120 at In-Earz and not only are they like new, but custom-fitted to your ears. Or you could sell them for probably around $100 on the open market.
 In general terms, they're fairly similar, though A83 has stronger (but still nice) treble and a narrower sound stage. A83 has slightly more bass impact, but it trails off at around 50-60hz, where the FLC8S goes way below that with the red ULF plug. The midrange on the A83 is great, but in comparison to FLC8S, a little artificial. Overall I liked the A83 a lot, and it's a solid performer especially for nearly $100 less than FLC8S. But A83's treble is just a little strident...
 I have both if you wanna hear my take.
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