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You might have some moderate hearing damage. ER4S does benefit from power but is only around 100ohm. My Sansa Clip powers it unaided to ear-piercing levels, but I habitually listen to my music as quietly as is enjoyable.
 Everything wrong can be called sarcasm/parody/trolling in hindsight.
 Sorry if this surprises you, but this is complete and utter nonsense.
I've given a lot of recommendations in the past but I feel really stuck in choosing something that's right for me. I'm looking for a neutral, analytical IEM with a lot of sound stage and, if it has to veer from being totally flat, a slight boost in the treble region. I'm looking to spend $200-300. I don't mind dynamic or BA drivers, but in the past I've found BAs the most enjoyable.   The two best IEMs I've listened to are the Etymotic ER4S and the Brainwavz B2, for...
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