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Looking for a Vsonic VC02. I like their sound, but I am mainly after them for the cable. If you have a pair with a bad driver, or lost a driver since they're detachable, your loss will become your $$.
UE700 is a good contender.   Carbo Tenore is just a little bit bigger but still very small and excellent SQ.   Etymotic ER6 was a nice tiny IEM.
Just got a T1E from DX. One side is DOA. The other side sounds great and 'genuine'. Good price, if only it worked... replacement should be coming.
Beautiful comparisons gnarlsagan, exactly the kind of depth and verbiage I was looking for. I don't even miss the MH1 comparison.
My T1E are not bass-heavy at all. They just sound right, not too little or too much, and excellent quality. I love flat/analytical sounding headphones.
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