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 Look at that mid-bass hump, yikes. No wonder the market is dying.
Weird, the longer white single-flange Hifiman RE600 stock tips are by far the best I've tried with them. But yes, other stock tips included were disappointing. But these longer white ones are better than any other aftermarket tip I've tried. Any tip with a bore smaller than the exit bore of the RE600 severely takes away from detail and treble extension.
What looks like the exact same genuine article now available on Amazon for $29.99 with free 2-day Prime shipping:   http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OHDO8TU/
 Did the more expensive aftermarket cable make any part of the sound worse?
I'm really anxious too, I'm right after you!
 It very may well be. I would strongly suggest using it. It is reversible (as long as you don't embed it as a DSP) -- i.e., it's just part of the file's tag like Artist and Album, that most players can read and accommodate, and can be removed at any time. It's no more processing than changing the filename or ID3 info.
 Actually that's the thing I would think to be the least likely possible -- they all use the same hardware and firmware and are produced in mass quantity. The most likely is that your chosen audio files don't have their volume gained up to maximum. Try using ReplayGain. The second most likely is probably that you have a higher threshold of hearing from age, overuse, occupational damage, etc.
These headphones sound AMAZING. Beautiful sub-bass-centric signature with sparkly treble. I just rediscovered them in my collection and had to speak up!
 4-7 (out of 30) is normal listening volume on my Ruizu for all of my many 22-40ohm IEMs, and 10 is plenty for my Sennheiser HD598 (50ohm and non-isolating). For my Clip+ (with Rockbox) I would regularly be at 18-28 (out of 40) for the same files and same IEMs/headphones. Keep in mind audio files have different volume levels within them, and if you're using line-out to an under-powered set of speakers that's another big differentiator. And not to be insulting, but you...
 I think classical is one of the best genres for the RE400 personally. The timbre in the mids and upper mids is fantastic. The only easily remarkable thing is the lack of bass impact for the lower string notes.
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