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 So... what are you offering to someone looking to buy the ER4?
 The P1 has, if I really had to put a wild number on it, about half the bass of the A73. For bass volume only, A73 > A83 > P1 > ER4. A73 and A83 are kind of unrefined compared to P1 and ER4.
 I have the ER4, A73, A83, and P1. A73 cannot really be compared to the other three IMO. Too harsh, too unrefined in comparison. The A83, ER4, and P1 are all excellent midrange performers. A83 has a very definite V shape, ER4 has a flat signature, and P1 has a mostly-flat signature with mild bass boost around 60-100Hz and a tiny dip in upper mids. The treble on the P1 is easily the most refined and detailed. Bass on the A83 is louder and thumpier but not as tight as the...
They are, at the very least, a clone of the Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5EB, if not the genuine article.   The medallion on the face looks different from the original, and I've never seen these IEM in clear version, but it's so old it's hard to find good information on it.
 Resolution is about the same (or better on P1) everywhere except upper mids. Treble extension is similarly expansive, but I found PFE232 harsh where P1 is clean and smooth all the way. Otherwise they're fairly similar from what I recall.
 I agree with Shane. I would say the Rockets are a direct step up from IEMs like Tenore and Hifiman RE-400. Very similar vocal-centric signature with a more-or-less balanced but still n-shaped signature. While I vastly prefer the MEE P1 for my music over the Rockets, there's no denying it's an excellent performer for the particular sound you mention.
 I own the HP50 (and the PSB M4U 1) and can confirm this sentiment.
 iPhone 6 would definitely get you to ear splitting volumes on the P1. An extra amp would likely give you a bit more realistic presentation, but I haven't heard the iPhone 6 to compare.
 Yes naturally! Sub-bass is still part of the audio spectrum -- and with the P1 you can actually hear it!
 *Proctologist. Don't worry, it's easier after spending so much money in gear 
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