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 It's weird, I feel like I've read that exact combination of artists, in that exact order, multiple times before on the internet.
I thought this was a new discovery thread for Chang Hing-brand IEMs.
FWIW GR07 isn't bass-emphasized, so you can scratch that off your list. Monster Gratitudes aren't particularly bass-emphasized either, but are more than most headsets, and seem to be a great deal for their current fire-sale price.
 Correct, Flux is like an inverted HF5. Similar detail, similar shape, similar fit, similar overall sound; but where the HF5 have slightly recessed bass and highs, the Flux have slightly forward bass and highs. I personally prefer the Flux for most music.
 I have both the Flux and the VSD1S. They're very different, and both are excellent. The VSD1S has more recessed (but still clean) treble, a slightly wider sound stage, more bass (still clean and not muddy), and very smooth and detailed mids. The Flux has more treble detail (while still not harsh or sibilant), still a very wide sound stage (just not up to Vsonic's), a slightly recessed midrange, and a slight V-shape signature even though the bass hits a bit "lightly". If...
Selling a Shure SE215 in excellent used condition. Includes the box, tips, pouch, and other accessories with a new purchase. Shipping only to USA for this headphone. No PayPal or shipping fees for this headphone. Send me a PM for the next step!
Etymotic HF5 is low on bass smack, but the greatest at isolation at your price range. Around $90.   TDK BA200 has robust bass and a more comfortable fit, and isolation is OK but not great. Around $110   Yamaha EPH-100 has incredible bass that will pound your head, and isolation is good, but it can be up to $130 or so new - look around for a deal.
 They could win the $1,000,000 Randi Prize if so - I doubt they'd spend their time saving a few dollars on a headphone with their powers.
This is kind of a silly question. You've already waited a while, just wait some more. In a week you'll have your decision made for you.
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