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 Great impressions! Can you give a really quick comparison of MK5 and HF5?
 A DAP's sound signature changing over time by way of the DAC or amplifier stage burning in? Yeah, I'm 100% serious. Are you?
 That has never happened in the history of DAPs.
 Hifiman RE600 doesn't "blow out of the water" the eQ5, but I've had a lot of experience with both and I would definitely say I prefer the detail and presentation of the RE600. The RE600 also fixes the niggling issue that caused me to sell the eQ5, which was artificial tin-can treble at times. Sound signature is overall pretty similar, though the highs are a little more laid back on the RE600 (not as bad as some make them out to be), and the bass is a lot tighter and a bit...
 Nope, none.
 I'm sorry, but I have no idea how you can hear harsh treble or sibilance in any way. The RE600 have lower-than-flat treble reproduction... are you confusing treble for upper mids maybe, like the male and female vocal range?
For sure! Good luck :)
 They all do. Same with ER4P, ER4PT, and ER4B.
To greatly reduce dynamic range in audio, I would strongly suggest using a software filter to compress the decibel range (not to be confused with compressing the audio file's binary data, like with MP3/AAC). No IEM/headphone is catered towards making loudness uniform irrespective of how it's supposed to sound.   A free program like Audacity can compress dynamic range, and I'm sure there are other tools, maybe something like Power Amp, to batch-filter your music.
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