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Perfect working condition. Beautiful amp with extremely powerful drive-ability. Includes all original accessories. PayPal and USA shipping is included in asking price. If you have any questions or would like to buy, send a PM. Thanks!
I sent a PM
 I've tried all the plugs/filters and many different tips including 3rd party with my FLC8S, and I only get sibilance with the green filters, like you.
 Need? No, definitely not with something like the X5ii. High Gain will probably be desired though. The types of devices you'd "need" amping with when using the P1 is stuff like TVs, cheap phones, laptops, etc.
 The P1 isn't "painful" per se, but I have the M6 Pro and P1 and if you think the M6 Pro has harsh highs (I find them quite smooth), I really don't think you'd find the P1 suitable.
 In every way IMO. You'll have to hear it to see it 
 From what I remember P1 has fairly similar bass quantity to GR07.
 I made some comparisons earlier in the thread:
 That's only because with your examples, there is no singular: there isn't "a pop" or "a trance" (related to music) or "a hiphop". There is such a thing as "a ballad", it's a specific piece of music. "Ballads" is perfectly accurate; in fact, saying "the genre of ballad" sounds weird.
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