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Welcome! I'm selling my Sennheiser HD598 in great, lightly used condition. It includes the box, the original (massively long, 1/4"-terminating) cable, and an upgraded aftermarket cable that is only 3-4ft long and terminates in a more widely-used 1/8" connector. Shipping is included to anywhere in the USA. Payment via PayPal personal payment, or add 4% for a regular PayPal payment. Send me a PM to ask any questions or to buy!
Welcome! I'm selling my iBasso DX50 audio player in great condition. Lightly used for a few months, it includes the original box, original coaxial and audio interconnect cables, a generic USB cable to charge and transfer data, and a high-speed 64GB microSD card with full size SD adapter. Also included is a OTG adapter that lets you plug in any fully-powered or low-powered USB device (like a desktop external hard drive or a thumbdrive) for unlimited storage space, all...
Welcome! I'm selling my Vsonic GR07 in fully functioning, near-new condition (i.e, lightly used for about 5 hours). They include the original box, soft case, L M and S black tips, and 3 multi-colored M tips. Any other accessories are not present. Shipping is included in the asking price, and shipping is only available to USA. Payment by PayPal personal payment, or add 4% and pay as a regular payment. If you have any questions or want to buy, send a PM. Thanks!
 I should hope you do, according to a  webpage I found Tidal can use pretty much any quality audio they have for "lo res" mode, down to under 100kbps -- something easily detectable with even cheap equipment. Same thing for Spotify I'm sure.
 Literally no one can tell the difference between Lame V0 and lossless except on specifically-chosen problem samples (i.e, not songs), even with thousands and thousands of dollars of equipment. All manners of blind testing have proven this. If a person claims otherwise, they either have a 1 in 1,000 problem sample or they are subjecting to the placebo effect. However, I've chosen FLAC simply because I can transcode from it to whatever I want, including MP3 V0 if I so...
 I would suggest looking into the JH13 in addition to/instead of the K3003.
 Great impressions! Can you give a really quick comparison of MK5 and HF5?
 A DAP's sound signature changing over time by way of the DAC or amplifier stage burning in? Yeah, I'm 100% serious. Are you?
 That has never happened in the history of DAPs.
 Hifiman RE600 doesn't "blow out of the water" the eQ5, but I've had a lot of experience with both and I would definitely say I prefer the detail and presentation of the RE600. The RE600 also fixes the niggling issue that caused me to sell the eQ5, which was artificial tin-can treble at times. Sound signature is overall pretty similar, though the highs are a little more laid back on the RE600 (not as bad as some make them out to be), and the bass is a lot tighter and a bit...
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