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 Sorry if this surprises you, but this is complete and utter nonsense.
I've given a lot of recommendations in the past but I feel really stuck in choosing something that's right for me. I'm looking for a neutral, analytical IEM with a lot of sound stage and, if it has to veer from being totally flat, a slight boost in the treble region. I'm looking to spend $200-300. I don't mind dynamic or BA drivers, but in the past I've found BAs the most enjoyable.   The two best IEMs I've listened to are the Etymotic ER4S and the Brainwavz B2, for...
I would say a cheap user-replaceable cable is essential, no?
I think this belongs in a different forum, but I'll give a quick answer anyway.   For low bit rates (below 128), WMA is tested a bit better than LAME MP3; however, WMA doesn't perform here as well as AAC nor Ogg Vorbis. At bitrates 128 and above, it is about the same as LAME MP3.   I personally never use WMA because of its poor support on the devices I use and its closed-source nature. In the past 5 years, LAME MP3 has increased in quality even more than it already...
 It's weird, I feel like I've read that exact combination of artists, in that exact order, multiple times before on the internet.
I thought this was a new discovery thread for Chang Hing-brand IEMs.
FWIW GR07 isn't bass-emphasized, so you can scratch that off your list. Monster Gratitudes aren't particularly bass-emphasized either, but are more than most headsets, and seem to be a great deal for their current fire-sale price.
 Correct, Flux is like an inverted HF5. Similar detail, similar shape, similar fit, similar overall sound; but where the HF5 have slightly recessed bass and highs, the Flux have slightly forward bass and highs. I personally prefer the Flux for most music.
 I have both the Flux and the VSD1S. They're very different, and both are excellent. The VSD1S has more recessed (but still clean) treble, a slightly wider sound stage, more bass (still clean and not muddy), and very smooth and detailed mids. The Flux has more treble detail (while still not harsh or sibilant), still a very wide sound stage (just not up to Vsonic's), a slightly recessed midrange, and a slight V-shape signature even though the bass hits a bit "lightly". If...
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