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Sony z3 was my current phone planning yo upgrade as well although i was looking for an upgrade either one of those phone chinese maker or wait for an lg g5 coming out next month.
bass response from u8 song was quite unique..check it out you feel like heaven.
big asss angie...hope is huge nozzle does not stuck in my ear canal..
cant believed they were on sale right now at my local sony store for $350.I was thinking to get
i believed they start to shipped all the u series today.I heard from one of the sources who worked from the company.But they wont be update the site soon due to the encryptions problem.They will send the tracking info via email.So watch out your spam inbox..
As of today they starting to shipped of all U series  backers order.Has anyone here got their order status changed today?
I don't see a lot of people doing upgrades now. the creator trying to push hard to make any extra days through deadline.Thinking that lot of people will going to do upgrades.I wont be that stupid to upgrade just to cover there loses but they rather gave ambient backers a reward to upgrade to U12.I rather keep on my u8 series then re shelling the u8 in the future for custom iem.
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