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So after fixing the fazor-touching-my-ear issue with some foam that Audeze provided, I'm now finding that the headband is becoming a problem when listening for anything over ~30 minutes. Does it subside as it breaks in? My LCD-2 that I bought used does not cause this issue at all.
Simply because about a third of them have the rings broken - so I want some consistency.   I guess an alternative would be some really good cases I could buy that don't have such fragile rings that I could put all the CDs without a good case into. And then something to put all the cases into of course.
I wasn't sure where to put this really so I'm putting it here. By all means if it belongs somewhere else please feel free to move.   I have a lot of CDs strewn all over the place (hundreds) and I really need to start taking care of them as I am finding that some of my rarer albums are now selling for quite a bit or just straight up impossible to find. They're all scratchless, but many of the cases have broken rings inside (anyone who buys CDs lots knows that many brand...
Does it matter if I have something on top of the holes on the top of the Gungnir? I know people have been stacking the Mjolnir on top of it but just want to make sure... I mean aren't those holes for ventilation?
Anyone else a fan of this series? I bought the 2nd one recently and am really digging it. Already a TON of great custom skins out.   For anyone not familiar with this game, it's a rhythm game that generates a "race track" according to an audio file that you give it, you then ride down in step to the music (with lots of pretty colors exploding around you). It's my favorite thing to do when I just feel like listening to music without doing anything else. It can definitely...
This is probably a dumb question but -- headbanging with these on -- bad idea ? (not so hard they fall off of course, but you know, some jostling about the head)
Ok --- mystery solved: I had the left and right channels mixed up with the banana plugs . It's funny because I remember doing a left/right channel test early on and everything was as it should be but I must have done it on the Lyr while I was still thinking it was a headphone issue. It seemed to me that it was not a simple L/R reversal as the sound seemed to be all over the place, but turns out, that's indeed what it was. Just glad I mixed up the left/right rather than...
Ok so it seems that this only happens with my F1J, not my Schiit Lyr, so I'm guessing my PC settings are all good. What could be causing the problem? F1J is a speaker amp could that have something to do with it?
Well that's actually why I was thinking of trying it out. I'm finding with some music (i.e. punk rock), I like the treble more on the untamed side of things (still tamed a little though)
So I'm curious about the Rag, is the treble more or less present/"tamed" than with a pure speaker amp? Anyone done some comparisons?
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